Letters (like the old Silver Tags) for Bags 2014 and on ..

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  1. GRRRRR .. I kind of lost touch with the Bag "tags" (those of 'oldie' folks remember that the Silver Tag had the Letter - e.g., 'A') which was a great indication of the Year/Season. Well, at/around 2014 and beyond .. how does one find the "letter" -OR- does it not exist anymore (that was around the time that Balenciaga changed the inner silver tag).

    So frustrating to me ..
  2. The letter's been on the front up until the last few seasons when Gvasalia made that change. Since F/W 2012 the letter has also been on the tag back. This is a F/W 2017 tag. The A is small on the front, in the bottom line before the style code. This is the first season that "fabrique en italie" isn't on the tag back.
    b8284f67667e962670c76b3a80b36367.jpg fe0fa433be31f57e7377bda94cd49128.jpg
  3. Ah .. PERFECT; I will look for that then ..

    BUT .. have we correlated the letter to the Year/Season like we used to?
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