Letters from Louis

  1. Hey Everyone,
    Over the Holidays I purchased a Le Fabuleux and a few weeks later bought a Porte Tresor International wallet to go with it. (My old wallet was beat up, discolored and simply not worthy to put in the purse.)
    These were my very first purchases at this LV store, but I got them with the help of the same SA, which I thought this was simply coincidence.
    However, I was suprised and tickled pink to receive a hand written Happy New Year card from her. :love:
    Does this mean I'm considered "special" or is she just really nice? Have any of you had this happen before? Please share!
    Thanks for your thoughts,
  2. Always nice to get mail ;) Pretty common for LV.
  3. I think several people here get thank you notes and cards from their SA's. It's great that you started right off like that though!! Maybe soon, you'll get an invite to a special party!!
  4. More SA's like these are needed... :yes:
  5. It sounds like you have a chosen a very nice SA.
    NEVER get anything here no matter how much I spend in the store.:push:
  6. i think thats a great SA you got there! i love my SA lots! they treat me like im special so what the heck! FEEL SPECIAL (LOL!)
  7. I got a New year's card, too. Is yours the louis vuitton cup card? The very nice SA's usually keep up the handwritten notes. I love them. I save all the ones I get, even though my SA has terrible handwriting! Sounds like you have a very attentive SA that wants your business.
  8. Ahh that makes sad. I'm going to be moving in the next 5 months and may not find someone that nice again. :crybaby:
  9. that IS nice. i got one with the first purse i bought, but that was it. hmph.
  10. even you are moving soon, you can still work w/ur SA. No worries!
  11. That's nice..
  12. Definitely common. It's also to enourage you to buy from them again in the future :yes:
  13. I do like my LV SA, but I do have to say that I got a thank you note after every Coach purse purchase no matter what SA I purchased from. I love my LVs, but Coach does have excellent customer service.
  14. Oh NO problem there! I'm hooked! I love that bag and I want more. But unfortunately I will be waiting a long time.


  15. Yes it was.