Letters and Gifts from LV desk in department store???

  1. I usually go and purchase my items from the LV desk in Saks...I have never received a letter or gift or catalogues from my SA there. He does treat me very nice and goes out of his way to show me things and get me items etc. I do purchase a fair amount and have bought him candy and things for his b-day and Chrsitmas.(..I am trying to hint for him to give me a gift!!!) Do the department store LV's even get the gifts???:confused1:

    Does anyone get VIP gifts and/or letters from their SA's at Department store LV desks??? What about you ladies in Canada with Holts Renfews (sp.?)???:s
  2. I have gotten thank yous, and VIP gifts from the Saks I shop at.
  3. hmm interesting question. i always shop from 1866 vuitton....but i dont think they give out VIP gifts. :'o( & i live too far from an LV.
  4. When I purchased my wallet from Holt Renfrew, about 6 months later I recieved a thank you note??? I thought uhh.. a little delayed? None the less I havent recieved a letter for anything since then :shrugs:
  5. Just thank you cards and invitations to local events as well as, catalogs, seasonal catalogs. No, I take that back, I was given a canvas and leather LV telephone/address book from the SA in Hamilton Bermuda (I did spend a great deal during that visit!)