Letter to the woman who sold me a counterfeit LV

  1. Well, it can happen to the best of us. I received a fake LV about 2 months ago from eBay. Luckily I paid with Amex so I knew there wouldn't be a problem. Unbelievably, the seller said she wanted the bag back, so Amex now won't give me my refund until I prove to them that I sent it. I will be sending it now via Express mail, but here is the lovely note I'm enclosing. All authentic purse lovers, I wrote this with ALL of us in mind:

    Enclosed is your fake, counterfeit bag. I still can’t believe that you made the decision to sell a fake bag on eBay and tried to rip off an unsuspecting person. And that you further had the nerve to try and argue my PayPal claim. What a horrible, dishonest person you are. Well, your abhorrent behavior will come back to you at some point.

    I would have destroyed this bag if my full refund didn’t depend on sending this disgusting piece of junk back to you. I seriously hope you don’t resell this bag as authentic to anyone else.

    If I see this bag on eBay, I will be sure to let eBay and other unsuspecting bidders know that it is a sad counterfeit.

    By the time you receive this bag, I will have already provided info to American Express and I will be receiving my full refund including shipping.

    Have a nice day. And please try to refrain from selling counterfeits to other people. It makes eBay a better place without sellers like you.
  2. You go girl! That is awesome!
  3. I've said it before - some people are actually looking to buy fakes on Ebay. Granted the sellers shouldn't be claiming they are authentic but there is a market for the fakes that Ebay meets.
  4. Love it! That seller should be shamed!
  5. It's a great letter, but the sad thing is, a person who tries to rip people off probably won't give it a second thought.
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  7. Well said Lori! :tup:
  8. PS - May the fleas of a thousand camels infect your armpits.
  9. Great letter Lori, glad you were able to get a resolution.
  10. :roflmfao: Yes, add this!
  11. and this...:hs::hs:
  12. Great letter but I doubt it will make any difference in this person's life. If they sell fake bags they don't care about ripping people off.
    Maybe enclose a paper on where the money goes when people buy counterfeit bags......
    I will never buy a bag off Ebay......
  13. That is a great letter, and I am happy that you used a credit card to pay, and were able to get your refund.

    That being said, though, please please do NOT be tempted to interfere in any of her future auctions by warning bidders that she is selling fakes. Just report the listing(s) and move on. Warning bidders of counterfeits, even when you are 100% correct, is considered auction interference and WILL get your eBay account suspended--often permanently.

    On a slightly different note, as a longtime eBay buyer (and seller), it really makes me sad to hear people say things like, "I will never buy a bag on eBay". There ARE honest sellers out there and sometimes eBay is the only place to find a rare, discontinued, or gently owned item that you simply must have. As long as you do your due diligence on the seller and the item beforehand, AND pay with a credit card so that you have fraud protection, there is nothing unsafe about it. You just have to put some thought into it.
  14. i think i :heart: u , lori ! can i use it if i ever get a fake on ebay ?;)
  15. that is a great letter