Letter to senior lv staff member...

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  1. Hello all,
    I have been corresponding with a senior LV person about the decision to stop/reduce the printing of LV yearly Catalogues...

    I am hoping this forum can help to reverse this stupid decision...

    LV told me that they are reducing the print run of the LV yearly catalogue due to a number of factors, these were:-

    1) environmental concerns with printing a catalogue (I have thow away any LV printed material).
    2) sessional changes makes the catalogue obsolete very quickly
    3) LV told me that most people today prefer the LV website instead of looking at a printed paper catalogue.

  2. I think they are still printing but in low quantities.

    Errr.... I actually support Point 1.. Sorry.
  3. I agree with chinchin and especially points 1 and 3 from LV. I hardly look at any catalogs anymore, why should I when I have the internet right there :shrugs:?
  4. Although I look at LV.com more, I still like them. I have the Le Voyage catalogue and I still have it. It's nice and I occassionaly look back in it.
  5. I think if they are going to drop the printed media and rely on website then they need to ramp up the website to include ALL past releases including LE things so that we can reference older more vintage things. They need to catalogue things seperately from what is offered presently.
  6. I also agree with chinchin_lim. I completely support & agree with #1.
  7. They won't be eliminating the catalogue completely.. Just reducing the amount of them being produced and limiting who they give them out to.
  8. I agree with the decision-it makes sense to me.
  9. Let's face it no matter what the reason or reasons LV gives, it's to save money! This is why they are cutting back giftboxes. SA told me they have been instructed now to provide the giftbox if (1) they know for certain it is to be a gift w/ gift receipt or (2) customer specifically request the giftbox. The SA said the reason given to the public is for enviromental issues but in honesty, she told me its to save $$$$$
  10. #10 Jan 30, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2009
    I agree with all three. The first one actually would be my strongest objection. Maybe if they stop/reduce their catalogs and they can cut back on the increases of the bags!
  11. I agree.

  12. ohh NO... you taking away my bedtime story book!!!! how am i gonna have a peaceful and sweet dream then?... btw, LV catalogue is a part of LV collector items as well.. besides collecting LV bags, I do collect LV catalogues.. what other says?
  13. Since they are cutting back with the catalogs... they SERIOUSLY NEED TO get the website current. They need to start including the Les Extrodinaires stuff and super exclusives. IE, I could be a multi-millionaire and new to the world of LV... how would I know what's really exclusive? The site doesn't tell you. FIX THE SITE!

    P.S. I would be sad if they really started cutting back on boxes. I love them. I absolutely HATE my LVs without boxes. The dustbags get all dusty and stuff in the closet... YUCK! haha.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.