Letter Stamp and Age of Bag

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  1. I have learned so much about Hermes 101 from the reference library, such as color, leather type, size, and etc.. What I do not find is the letter stamp that corresponds to the age of the bag.

    From some of the threads, I know j stands for 2006, H stands for 2004, and F stands for 2002. What about other years? What is V????:confused1:
  2. Christiflora.. Each letter stand for a year.. so if J is 2006, I is 2005, H is 2004.. etc :smile:
  3. If I go backwards, I get A for 1997. WHat happens to the years before 1997? What is V?
  4. I THINK then u start over.. so Z 1996?

    Hermes Experts!!! where are you!!
  5. It depends which geometrical shape the letter is in.
    Square started in 1997, before that was the circle.
    Before the circle there were only letters without a shape.
    So A without anything stands for 1945.
  6. ^^ hello.. what is V stand for?
  7. V without anything = 1966
    V in a circle = 1992
  8. Wow thanks ladies. I learnt something new again today :smile: This is such a great site!
  9. My vintage croc Kelly has a "10" or "01"...any guess?
  10. What is the letter stamp located?:shame:
  11. I am so glad this thread popped up because I contacted a reseller regarding the age of a bag they have listed when I noticed the blindstamp conflicted with their description. I don't want to disclose the name of the reseller without their permission but they are on our Trusted Reseller list.

    The listing is for a Kelly that has a C in a circle which should denote 1973 but the seller describes it as being from the late 1960's. I am soooo not an expert at these things but I do wish we could nail this "system" down!!

    Here is the seller's reply: "Thanks a lot for your nice email - but in this case it is not. The bag dates to the 1960s - we are Hermes experts and we know all about the markings. You cannot always go by this especially with bags which pre-date the 1970's. We sold over 2000 bags so we have a good idea.
    Thanks again and HAPPY HOLIDAYS.
  12. On a Kelly, it should be on the inside of one of the straps - not sure if it's always on the same one ... at this rate, I'm hesitant to say anything is "always" with Hermes!!!
  13. Ms Twilly, the seller could be correct in that older Hermes is sometimes hard to pin down as to date and markings. Sometimes to many of us, these older markings make no sense:confused1:

    And, I bet you already know that occasionally, you'll find a bag with no blindstamp markings at all.
  14. is the stamp only on the birkis and kelly or all the bags?????
  15. Ms Twilly, does the blindstamp read Hermes Paris Made in France? If there's no Made in France, chances are high that the bag was made in the 60's. If there IS the Made in France then it was probably made after 1970.