Letter of commendation?

  1. Has anyone had to write a letter of commendation? Specifically, for a professor? One of my professors made an impact in my course of study, and she asked me if it would be possible that I write a letter of commendation for her dossier.

    Thanks for your input!
  2. For a professor: Make sure you include the classes you took with that professor, what you specifically learned from that professor, how she has influenced you (i.e., did you change majors because of her, did she influence your research?). You should think about what you really like about her as a professor: Is she very approachable? Is she always available for discussing material outside of class? How is her presentation of the material different from other professors?

    Hope I helped a little!
  3. I've written lots of recs for students and I think some were pretty good b/c they got what they were applying for:smile: Jilly's advice is all terrific. I would definitely try to give some SPECIFIC details and examples that illustrate why she is such a good professor. Also, if you really like and respect her, I would make sure to use a strong level of praise -- i.e. "she was EXCEPTIONALLY engaging" or "I was INCREDIBLY impressed w/ her knowledge," "she was the best lecturer," etc. Since all recs are pretty positive, you can't really help her much if you just say she is "good" or "nice."
  4. I've written several for fellow college students years ago when I was a Resident Assistant and they were applying to be one.