Letter designation for "pre-season" City bags?

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  1. Hello lovely TPFers! I have a question about the letter designation on "pre-season" City bags. I am looking to purchase a bag from pre-season S/S 2010. It's my understanding that the letter designation for S/S 2010 is "P," but the metal tag has a "Q" (indicating F/W 2009). Is it possible that the "pre-season" bags still have the letter designation from the previous season? Thank you all in advance for your help!!
  2. The letter designation for a pre-season bag would be the same as the main collection. The only time that I've seen a wrong-lettered bag, is when Balenciaga decides to do a "last minute" batch for the prior Year/Season (for instance, for the 2010 F/W line), but have used up the tags and therefore, the bag may have the letter of the new Year/Season (again - example would be that the bag would have a 2011 S/S letter).

    I hope that you are not looking at a bag on eBay, where the seller says it's Outremer and it has the wrong letter .. that bag is not Outremer!
  3. Thank you so much, CeeJay! I am so grateful for your help.
    And, yes, I was looking at that bag on eBay. You are good! :smile:

    Thank you for helping me avoid such an expensive mistake!
  4. ^^ GOOD!! .. glad I could help and just based on your description, I kind of knew that it was that bag. I contacted that seller and told her it's not Outremer, yet she continues to try to sell it as such. Arrgghh! :nono: :tdown: :rant: