Letter Carrier Lover, Dooney and Bourke

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  1. I am a letter carrier Dooney and Bourke lover. It is not a bulky purse, small and comfortable. It is lightweight, stylish, and when you are on the go, it is easier to travel with. The one I have is brown, but I really like the ones with the designs on them.
  2. I carry them while in school. It's a better option for me because its not appropriate to carry a big bag around school. I am a teacher so I store my class keys, money, cell phone and whatever else I may need in it. Its so convenient! Oh I am thinking about investing in a few Hands pieces because the handprints just remind me so much of the hands of my students..lol
  3. I have a denim hearts letter carrier. I just love it when I'm on vacation. I carried mine last month in vegas and it was a lifesaver! Holds quite a bit too.
  4. Letter carriers rock!!!
  5. My favorite design is the Texas! It is so adorable!