Let's welcome Rio, my new Himmy!!!

  1. Say hi to Rio the newest addition to the Neshem-Gonzalez family. He's very cute and small. I think he's going to be a teacup!:nuts:
    Rio with Mommy.jpg Rio.jpg
  2. awww fluffy!!! :smile: hehe i love the litter box picture its like "excuuusee me im using the bathroom!"" haha
  3. Thanks! I like your Calicos?? also!
  4. He looks like he's trying to say "How about some privacy here?"
  5. Awww... what a cute kitty!!! You're pretty btw. ;)
  6. He is so cute. I didn't know that there were "teacup" sizes for cats?? Congrats!!!
  7. What a cute kitty!
  8. How gorgeous!!!
  9. Such a cutie!!
  10. Thanks! I will post more pictures today!
  11. ohw, so cute!! heheh
  12. Aaaw, congrats! He's a cutie :love:
  13. What a beautiful cat and such a cutie!
  14. Sweet kitty.
  15. :nuts: