Lets vote~ Which is the best coco cabas?


Which is the best coco cabas??

  1. Denim

  2. Black vinyl

  3. Black satin

  4. Purple satin

  5. Black caviar leather

  6. Dark grey caviar leather

  7. White caviar leather

  8. Black baby cabas

  9. Navy baby cabas

  10. Teal baby cabas

  11. White baby cabas

  12. Bronze baby cabas

  13. Dark silver baby cabas

  14. Silver sport cabas

  15. Gold sport cabas

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. :party: Lets vote, everyone!!!



    Black vinyl

    Black satin

    Purple satin

    Black caviar leather

    Dark grey caviar leather

    White caviar leather
  2. Black baby cabas

    Navy baby cabas

    Teal baby cabas

    White baby cabas

    Bronze baby cabas

    Dark silver cabas
  3. Silver sport cabas

    Gold sport cabas
  4. I vote for the Original Black Caviar Leather..because I have one!! :p
  5. I just got my Bronze one yesterday, its gorgeous. Not quite sure if I will keep it though.

  6. Why not? It's such a gorgeous color!
  7. I have a bronze and I love it!!! Is so pretty~ Oh Donna, I hope you'll keep it!!!

    Girls, tell us why you would think the colour you've vote is the best for cabas?
  8. It's such a gorgeous color especially the hw, and you've been seaching for it for so long! I do hope you keep it!
  9. i also voted for bronze! The best color!!!
  10. ohh purple satin for me - I might actually have to get one!
  11. I like the navy the best. I don't know why. :shame:
  12. I KNOW its so beautiful. I think I will keep it, I have to get used to it. I am so used to carrying Balenciagas and this is entirely different. Hmmm, think I will keep it.

    or maybe I should try and find a Navy one? I REALLY love the nay.
  13. Thanks for putting these pics all in one place . . . so much easier for decisions to see them all in one place. I can't figure out what is my fav . . .
  14. White baby cabas coz I have it ;P.......I never see Denim cabas before and from the photo, I think it is really chic.
  15. After looking at all the pictures side by side.. i cant seem to vote. :shrugs: They all look gorgeous to me.