Let's try this again...

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  1. That is so odd. Usually they don't have that dot above the inside label. :suspiciou
  2. quite odd indeed. i know some retailers mark bags that are going to outlets so that they can not be returned at the regular store for full price, but i've never seen it done with a metal stud.
  3. Seems like BS. If a store was willing to take something back, why would they mark it as a return? Who would ever want it? Either its a replica or its a second. It can't be a normal return.
  4. I don't like that explanation either - The bag is being sold way above retail, I know they do that but it makes me crazy - especially when there are questions about the item that are difficult to answer.
  5. I know...I know...it makes me sad when someone desperate enough for this handbag has to resort to something like this. :sick:
  6. occum's razor - the simplest, most parsimonious explanation is usually the right one.

    it's entirely too hard to explain what is going wrong with this bag, so i'd go with the easiest explanation - the seller is up to something.
  7. You mean me?:lol: No, seriously, I wouldn't pay a premium for this bag, it sounds too doggy even I prefer this one than the new one!