let's try this again ~ which violet should i choose?

  1. last week i posted pictures of 2 violet cities i could choose from. well, i received my violet city of choice, the distressing was perfect, but i found a small flaw that i can't live with. so, i'm shipping it back to exchange for another one.

    here are pictures of the 2 violet cities (w/ and w/o flash) my SA chose for my replacement. i'm thinking bag #1 may be the one...it's difficult to see the distressing on bag #2, but the back of bag #1 looks :drool:

    okay, be honest...which bag do you think has the yummiest leather with consistent color throughout?

    TIA! :flowers:




  2. It's hard to tell. They both look pretty fab! #1 (for extra smooshiness?)
  3. #1
  4. #1, the top trim on #2 looks lighter than the rest of the bag.
  5. This is what I call hardcore Balenciaga love...
    I can't really see a big difference... but i am sure they are both gorgeous.
  6. Definitely no. 2, yummy leather, and the color of the parts seems to match better on my monitor!
  7. #1. Just out of curiosity, can you share what the flaw was?
  8. #1 :drool:
  9. #1 :love::love::love:
  10. #1 looks like a winner to me! :tup:
  11. I agree #1
  12. There isn't a big difference to me, but the top one looks a bit smooshier and I like the tighter smaller distressing on the top one, front and back. I would pick #1.
  13. I T A with Bella- the tighter distress factor is TDF.

    #1 has my vote all the way!
  14. I vote for #1!! it looks gorgeous!
  15. i prefer the top one!!!!