Let's try this again... my Burgundy RIKI!

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  1. OK, so the Riki arrived yesterday. It is very cute, but definitely a LOT smaller than the Ramona. To quote a prior post, the Riki is definitely a handbag and the Ramona is the tote. It still feels weird on, I can't put my finger on it (too small???? Bulky?? Something is wrong with me, I can't win!) Argh, regardless, this is a final sale so I will learn to love it.

    The weird thing is that this is so smooshy that it's smaller than the LV BH, which has wider dimensions. So here are some pics. I have no idea how to line them up side by side (Riki vs. Ramona) or to post all pics on one pos or to rotate the images (attempts failed miserably), so bear with me.[​IMG][/IMG]
  2. [​IMG][/IMG]
  3. [​IMG][/IMG]
  4. Congratulations bonniec . I don't remember seeing anyone modeling a Riki yet. It looks really beautiful on you. I was not expecting the Riki to look so different than the Ramona in regards to size. I love it. Hey ,maybe I can rationalize a Riki into my collection now:graucho: Enjoy! BTW, the color is fabulous.
  5. :nuts:gorgeous!!!:tup:
  6. It beautiful! It took me about three months to get use to my Riki because the top opening is kind of small. But now its my favorite bag!

    That red is so georgeous, I think you will love it.
  7. It's really cute! I like that the handles are still long enough to fit on the shoulder, like the Ramona.
  8. Thanks everyone. I'm liking it more as I look at it. I think I was shocked at how much littler it was than the Ramona... but it is growing on me.:wlae:
  9. I think it looks great on you! Are you going to keep it?
  10. Thanks. I don't have a choice but to keep it for now (it was a final sale). It IS growing on me more and more. If I don't use it over the next few months, though, then adios!:p

    I don't know why I feel so detached to this bag. I wanted this FOREVER!!!
  11. it is beautiful you will love it more i bet in winter times when you wear lots of black to make it pop. i think it might not stand out as much in the summer when you wear bright colorful clothes, still it is lovely! makes me wanna get one now!
  12. Thanks for posting the pictures. I have been hoping to see the Riki on someone. Great looking bag!
  13. Bonnie you look great wearing it :tup: I am sure you will end up :heart:loving it. I know how you feel about the size of the Riki compared to the Ramona and I have said all along I prefer the size of the Ramona, but I am sure I probably look better carrying the Riki and didn't you say you are about my height?? (5 1')

    Just give it some time:yes:
  14. I love your new Riki and I think the size looks great on you. Did you get this at the Jimmy Choo store sale?
  15. Congratulations! I love it. This color is gorgeous.