Let's Try Again! Can Anyone Identify this Hobo????

  1. Sorry for my message before. I didn't preview message, and forgot to put in the picture, so let's try again!!!

    Saw this on eBay, really liked it, but don't know anything about it. The Seller put the dimensions down as 14 x 14 x 5. Can anyone tell me if this is a humongous bag, or a medium sized one? I am just not a huge bag person, although they look good on others. Also, is this a messenger bag or a regular hobo, i.e. strap drop around 11-13"? I am looking for a hobo, and don't want a really long strap drop.

    Thank you so much for any light you can shed on this!
  2. I think it is a day bag. The handles do not look like a courier or messenger. I consider this a medium to fairly large sized bag, larger than a flat messenger but smaller than a men's messenger or courier. (my favorite bal). Others please add your opinions.
  3. Hmm still no picture. If you post the eBay number we can check it out. 14 x 14 sounds like it might be the Day or perhaps the shrug (sounds to be too small for a Man's Day) but without a picture ???

    Does it have a flap over the bag, or a zip at the top?

    That size sounds kinda medium size, but it all depends how it wears. When most Balenciaga bags arent, full they kind of collapse a little so they seem smaller than they are. Have you looked in the section here:


    you can see different styles, maybe you can spot it there.
  4. Aaahhh a picture :tup: Looks like a Day to me. They are kind of large, but as I said before when they aren't full they just mould to your body. I am 5' 4" and I love mine and it isn't too big for me.

    If you are considering buying one post the link in the Authentication forum so the really experienced members can let you know it is a legite bag. Sadly there are a lot of fakes out there.