Let's Talk Vintage Bags??!!

  1. What makes a bag vintage?? Is there a specific year as in antiques or does it depend when Hermes introduced the bag style??
    Post pictures of your vintage bags and please let us know what is different about you bag then current bags. And do let us know where you obtained it and the story.
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  3. I am guessing that my Lydie qualifies a a vintage bag.... HG??

  4. What's the year and story Rose?? It is so cute!
  5. From what I've heard,
    Vintage is anything older than 25 years. Antique happens when the item is 50 years +
  6. It's an 'I' which I think makes it 27 years old.... some one more knowledgeable will have to confirm this. No interesting story....I, impulsively just hit the 'buy' button!
  7. ROSE.....that is one stunning bag and I'm SO glad you have it! Have you brought that baby out to play yet???? Stunning. Everything is perfect about that bag, Rose.
  8. Well, I do have a few vintage Kelly's that I'm a complete slave to. And, I have a feeling that I'll be branching out now to include hard-to-find pieces because I love their history and I love the hunt......

    This one is 32cm Black Box Kelly with Gold circa 1970 that Pete found for me and sent at Christmas time. He made me promise not to open the box until Christmas morning (I had bought it sight unseen....only upon his word that I would love it) and it sat in its shipping box for almost two weeks under the tree. I didn't touch it (which is some kind of recond for S'Mom) but after DD opened all her gifts, I tore into it and I wasn't dissapointed! The leather is stunning in that it's thick and silky soft to the touch and hightly patinaed. What is different about this bag vs the newer Box calf bags? Box calf was tanned differently years ago....and the feed didn't have the additives as it does these days. I can definately feel the difference between vintage Box calf and newer Box calf leather.

    Whenever I'm asked if I recommend a Black Box Kelly as a must-have Hermes bag, I ALWAYS say "Yes.....and make it a vintage one. The best you can find!"
  9. Post more vintage beauties please!
  10. Shopmom, the leather on that Kelly is just so lustrous and breathtaking :drool: Thanks for posting the pic!
  11. I ADORE vintage bags! I love a bag with some years on her! I just need a great place to FIND said bags! And, of course, the money to buy said bags!!
  12. I have a vintage croc Miel Pullman (1959) I bought it on eBay, from a lady in England, and she had sent it to Celine (Bond street) to find out the name ecc. Together with the bag , she sent me all the correspondence that she'd had with Hermès, about this bag. Here it is:
    b (5).JPG
  13. The Pullmann is such a rare find, Duna!
    And it's really in good shape too...

    I happen to have a pic on this computer of one of my Mother's first H bags, which at that point was the Trim I.
    Same style that was then made famous by Jackie O. and made of navy(I guess) Boxcalf & Toile and I can totally
    second Shopmom's statement about the vintage Box leather...it's simply amazing!

    A Trim at the age of almost 40 ;):

  14. A little something else......

    This is a 28cm Maron Box Sellier Kelly with Brass from the late 50's. I want to show you this one because the color is truly amazing IRL. Almost exactly like a chestnut! A color no longer made. The leather is patinaed like there's no tomorrow and the bag, for its age, is in incredible condition. The leather soft and supple....again like silk!

    This one was another surprise to me because at first sight we thought it was a 32cm since the 28's in Sellier are actually a little bigger than in retourne. I passed on it because I prefer 28's and was a bit heartbroken about it. But a few weeks later once it was measured and found to be about 29-30cm, I snapped it up!

    What's important to remember is that these vintage beauties are meant to be used. Don't purchase one unless you love the color, the size, the leather....make sure the condition is top notch. No cracking or dryness. Try to get the best you can find. Honestly, I would have passed on this bag if it had been a 32cm.....as beautiful as I think it is, I would have passed. Purchasing a vintage bag should be exactly like purchasing a brand new bag directly from the store. All the pieces should come together......size, color, leather, style. And you should be in love..............:heart:
  15. love that chestnut, shopmom!

    here are a vintage black box kelly (1946) and a navy lizard handbag (can't find the stamp -- '60s i'd guess). both from eBay. i love/hate eBay. :p

    [​IMG] [​IMG]