Lets talk VASELINE!

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  1. The fact that I hate the name Vaseline (Name Valeen + Vaseline as a nickname = Tramatized childhood :P) has nothing to do with the fact that I L-O-V-E using this on every part of my body! Ok, maybe not every part;).

    I have recently discovered the wonders of using it on my face as a moisturizer at night! I apply it VERY lightly, when I say lightly, I mean about a dime size on my fingers then rub my hands together and swipe it all over my face. This has done WONDERS for my face. I was reading about it and people were saying your face looks plumped up in the morning, I thought they were absolutely nuts! But, it honestly does look a little fuller, its pretty awesome. And before you go crazy on me, its non-comedogenic.

    I was using the Rosebud Salve from Sephora for a while to smooth my brows and tame the tiny hairs that dont want to stay smoothly put. I decided to try the Vaseline for the hair by only applying a tiny bit to my hands (and I mean a teeeeeny, tiny bit, or your hair will look greasy) and smoothing it over my hair, it worked fabulously! So, bye, bye $8.00 Rosebud Salve!! This tub of Blue & Yellow heaven has taken your place!

    In the summer time (or any time, but especially in the summer!), when Im rockin' my shorts and flip flops, I slather my legs and feet with Vaseline to keep them non-ashy all day long.

    I use it on my hands in the winter time, they get super dry and cracked and Vaseline does wonders!


    So, what do you use Vaseline (Petroleum Jelly. Whatever you want to call it!) for?

    Has anyone ever tried it on their face as a moisturizer?

    Here are a few Vaseline "fact" sites that I found while researching before I put it on my face!
    Also, if you look on the back of a Vaseline bottle, it says it can be applied to the face and is non comedogenic.

    Here is a site for all of the different uses!!! So awesome!
  2. Just a warning, don't use it under your eyes. Short term it may feel good, but on the long term, it can damage your eye area. My mom used it under her eyes some years back, it left her with these white small spots. They can only be surgically removed. You should never use Vaseline or other oily like stuff under eyes, because the skin there is so thin and it can't absorb all the oily and greasy stuff, which is why you can develop this small white corn-like stuff.
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    Does she know for sure that it was from the Vaseline?

    I know a lot of woman that use it just under the eyes and on the eye area, I've also read about a lot of woman doing that, some have been doing it for 20+ years with no ill effects.

    I've also read about people having those small white spots under the eyes (Milia??), I actually have a few from way before I started using Vaseline and nobody has ever associated it with Vaseline, so that association would be something new to me.

  4. The plastic surgeon told my mom that Vaseline and other oily stuff can do that, coz the excessive oils get “capsuled” and result in these spots. I read a girl on a beauty blogg discovered the same thing after using it. I guess some people react in different ways towards it:smile:
  5. Hmm. Thanks for letting me know. I'll continue to use it, but will definitely keep an eye out for that.

    I, surprisingly enough, dont find it too greasy at all, maybe because I dont apply a large amount? :shrugs:
  6. Well just keep an eye out and don't use a large amount!
  7. interesting thread. Sometimes, I apply in lightly on my eyelids for a high shine if I don't want to wear eyeshadow, my cheekbones for a high luminous shine and as a lip gloss. I like the sheer luminous glow.
  8. you can put vasleine on your feet and put socks and wear it when you sleep
  9. My mother swore by it.
  10. I like Vaseline and use it in very stubborn dry areas (knees, feet, elbows, etc) but never on my face. It's very sensitive in that area and I found that it will clog my pores.

    My dermatologist suggested that Vaseline Creamy is great for eczema. Just slather it on right after taking a bath.

    It is also a great bum cream for infants. Helps prevents bum rash. I should have buy stocks in J & J.
  11. Occassionally, the skin on my face will get really dry and peel. It is nasty and makes me feel like a snake! Anyway, if I put some Vaseline on the area I am good to go and the dryness is gone in a day. I always have it on hand for emergency situations. In fact, when my friend got married last summer her eyebrows were a bit unruly and her makeup artist was asking everyone if they had Vaseline. I literally came to the rescue when I whipped out a mini travel size tub from my purse. :lol:
  12. I love Vaseline - but sometimes wonder if I should - because of the fact that it is derived from petroleum. Some of the things I read say that we should avoid it - as it is HUGELY harmful. Yet, I think Vaseline has been around a while, with no long term effects.

    Anyway - here is what I use it for:
    -on my lips - it's the best lip balm (although I've now switched to Burts Bees Honey balm, which is a good second best)
    -to remove eye make up - rub it gently over eye make up, and use warm damp cotton pads to remove it (SO effective - and leaves your eye area conditioned and soft)...again, now I've switched to olive oil - which has a similar effect
    -Mixed with my body butter and applied on my body - helps seal in the moisturiser
  13. I would never use it on my face, zits galore probably. I use it on my lips if they are dry & I have nothing better around. I used it on my daughter during diaper changes. That is about it, really.
  14. I use Vaseline to remove my eye makeup and occasionally to soften my lips. One thing that I use it also is I put a thin layer of it on my neck and wrists and spray my perfum on there to make it last longer.