Let's talk totes...

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  1. I'm seeing a lot of older bags I'm really falling in love with lol.

    So I'm debating on a tote. I'm looking at the Legacy Stripe tote or the Bronze Sig Stripe (the older sig stripe) tote.

    Legacy Pros:
    -GORGEOUS colors
    -Different (I havent seen many people carrying it)

    -the fabric. My first coach was the ergo scarf hobo and I loved it but it was high maintenance. I've got 2 little ones.

    Stripe tote Pros:
    -A little more durable

    -I've seen LOTS of these

    Which would you pick and why?

    Also, I'm really liking the gunmetal satchel (12976). Do you think it's too similar to the bronze tote if I got that one?

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  2. Personally, I like the bronze because I have seen too many fake legacy stripe totes. And, IMO the black/gunmetal satchel is totally different from the bronze tote. Get those two!
  3. I would pick the bronze (older) signature stripe tote because the chocolate color is beautiful and it would be easier to match! I think the legacy stripe, much as I LOVE legacy stripe, is too "loud." But in the end, it is really whatever you like. They are both beautiful totes! I think the gunmetal satchel would not be too similar since they are both completely different shapes!
  4. Thanks! I do think I'll get the gunmetal. I remembering lusting over it when I first saw it at Macy's lol. Currently stalking thE bay for one until I can call Macy's or Dillards in hopes of scoring one on clearance.
  5. I pick the bronze tote. I would love it myself! Actually I got it recently off ebay but it was seriously damaged so I sent it back today. Anyway, so yes, get it!
  6. If you have the style number, call Macy's or Dillard's and let them find one for you. They can do a search and have it shipped to you.
  7. I actually prefer the sig. stripe satchel over the tote, it will be much easier to maintain.
  8. Well, I have one of each (the sig stripe tote and gunmetal satchel) and I love them both! They are both spacious but the tote stays under my arm when its on my shoulder better although I can't stop using my satchel to save my life!!! I absolutely am in love with it. I know you said you have two little kids so for that reason I wouldn't choose the legacy stripe, just in case of stains or snags.....
  9. I would go with the bronze sig stripe over the legacy. I have the black sig stripe tote and it is wonderful. durable and light, can hold a lot...perfect. I have heard that the legacy stripe is not that durable, but i do not have that one so I can't say for sure. Either way you're looking at some hot bags there! gl!
  10. I :heart: the bronze. I have that in the swingpack and my iPod case. I would love to get the matching tote someday if I ever see it again.
  11. I agree with Coachbag, don't get the legacy stripe. I think someone even posted here awhile ago that Walmart sells a knock off off the legacy stripe. :wtf:

  12. Would you mind posting modeling pictures of both for me pretty please :smile: A girl after my own heart with 2 of my fav bags LOL.
  13. I think I'm going to trust my gut instinct and avoid the legacy stripe bag, maybe some accessories instead.

    Thanks for all your help and hopefully very soon I'm be the proud owner of the bronze tote AND the gunmetal satchel LOL
  14. I didn't know that! I LOVE you ladies, always keeping me in the know :smile::tup:
  15. Well I called one macy's and she said they can't search by style numbers or to check other stores...(im)patiently waiting for dillard's to open to see if they can! I may call another Macy's and see if there's someone more knowledgable.