Let's talk sushi

  1. This is my new food bosession. I am in love with this Japanese restaurant near my house and am having a love affair with sushi.

    Tell me some of the sushi you like so I can try new things-they can be either single pieces or rolls. Oh-and if you can tell me what is actually inside them that would be great!
  2. I love any kind of crunchy sushi with shrimp, crab, or even eel. mmmm you're making me crave sushi!
  3. I love eel! And I recently tried the spyder roll which is fried soft shell crab-yummy!
  4. recommendations?

    california roll is always a must for me.

    i also like the crunchy version which is fried with tempura sauce.

    there are also some yummy ones with eel, unige (i can't spell! :sad:), and avocado (a personal fave of mine on sushi).

    also the shrimp tempura roll.

    hehe i'm going out to lunch with a friend today, i wonder if i can convince him to go get japanese.

    japanese or korean. i love the potstickers from these places!
  5. I love sushi, esp maki.
    There is no sushi restaurant where I live, Have you tried making it yourself ??
    is it difficult ??
  6. I love the eel and spider rolls that you've already mentioned. My favorite, though, is a spicy tuna roll. I also like the spicy tuna cocktail that most sushi restaurants have. It's more or less like what's inside the spicy tuna roll, just no rice.
  7. How about the dragon maki roll- tempura shrimp, cooked eel, and avocado ?

  8. I love california rolls and one we have here called the flying tiger - it has tempura shrimp with crab. Mmm! Just might have to go this weekend!
  9. shrimp tempura, spicy scallop, spicy tuna, fatty tuna (nigiri), spicy tuna

    those are my favs!
  10. Escolar, yellow tail and fatty tuna are my hubbys favorites!

    I am more into cali, philly and tempura rolls!
  11. I'm more of a sashimi person. Hand me the fish!
  12. Yes, the carbs from the nigiri rice is not good, however little it is!

    I like the toro (tuna), salmon and unagi (eel) on their own but sushi is the end world, LOL, I'll take it anyday and I do actually like the tamagoyaki (sweet egg omelette) ones.

    I don't have to go far for sushi because my office has an in-house sushi chef and she was at a restaurant before so she is pretty good!

  13. Oh I thought that rice was good for you.
    OMG I can't believe you have an inhouse chef at your office ????? In which kind of place do you work ? Lucky girl , you should come in our office canteen.......:yucky:
  14. Spider rolls
    Red Snapper
    Gian Clam
    Spicy Salmon
    Spicy Tuna
    Toro (little more fatening than the regular tuna but it tastes 100 times better!)

    Those are my favorites of all. I believe I've had pretty much every kind that's out there. :smile:
  15. unagi! yummy.
    i also like anything spicy. spicy tuna hand rolls with bean sprouts? heaven.