Let's talk SEQUINS!

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  1. I'm looking to add a sequin bag to my collection and I didn't find any postings in the library so I thought I should start a thread dedicated to sequins.

    PLEASE post all/any Chanel sequin bags here! Please list year/season/price if available. Thanks!

    I'm eyeing this 09 one and many thanks to "haj1119" for posting this image. I think this piece is beautiful but I also want to see which other sequins Chanel has introduced in the past.


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  2. Try a search on Summer Night, it went on sale recently.
  3. Here's the Summer Nights from 2008 Collection..
    it's approximately $2900 + tax

    Gorgeous, isn't it?!! Slurppp:P

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    There was another sequin bag that is quite similar to the first one posted from 09. I know a few ladies have it here. It's really pretty. It's the same color sequins I believe but the CC closure is not as round and I think it is smaller/more structured. i think it's from late 2007 but I'm not sure. And there was one at Rodeo 8 months ago ... I don't know if other stores have any left over.

    It was a lot cheaper then this new one I think though.

    Hold on let me find pictures.
  5. Whoops sorry for the extra post...here these are from ebay

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  6. love the look of this bag! so glamorous, and different. it must feel like carrying a jewelry.
  7. I think the bag kara_n posted is beautiful as well. However, I'm not crazy about the leather trim although I can see why it is there. Without it, like the 09 sequin bag, it is unstructured. The search continues!
  8. ^yes, i do like the "structured" sequin flaps better! so cute and sparkle-y! :tender: