Let's talk SANDRO

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  1. Anyone else is as obsessed as me with this chic new Parisian brand? Lets share our purchases and MOD pics:graucho:
    Screen shot 2012-10-18 at 10.25.07.png
  2. The quality couldn't be worse but I'm proudly wearing my burgundy leopard pants by Sandro! I wish they made it in other colours...

  3. ooooo i'm dying to stock up on Sandro and Maje during the upcoming January sales. I have a couple of Sandro dresses and the fit is amazing (very slim cut and tailored) but i'm sad to hear that the quality of your pants isn't good. Is that the case with most Sandro clothes, do you know or is the quality issue a one-off?
  4. Oh my bad! I meant the quality of the picture:smile: the pants are superb. In fact their quality is very very good! Are you from the UK? I checked the prices in the Paris store they are much lower plus the exchange rate helps!!!!
  5. Love Sandro too! The wool pieces are so warm. Beautiful cuts and tailoring.
  6. Just about to go back to work when i saw your update :P nope i'm in Canada but heading back to Paris in January for their bi-annual sales. I'm literally itching to get my hands on some dresses, coats and leather jackets since i've heard prices drop substantially ... even on high end designer items like Lanvin or Louboutin. But yep, in general the prices in Paris are much lower than say, in the US which is wear i've been buying my sandro items. Must be an export thing plus tourists to the EU get that 17% tax back on top of the exchange rate and the lower price so yaay!!

    I forgot to say this earlier but loving your outfit! the pants are just the right splash of colour without being in-your-face bright ^^
  7. Thank you so much! I'm jealous you can shop in Paris! Here the prices are so inflated:sad: do post pics of what you get! Check out those leopard print pants they are amazing!!!
  8. I just have one Sandro piece - this burgundy skirt with a black grosgrain waistband. Purchased it at Bloomies. It'll also be cute with black opaques and booties!

  9. Ahhh it's gorgeous, the colour seems to be of this season but I don't remember seeing it in London! I wonder if you guys get different stuff??
  10. Wouldn't call it "new", per se, given that it was founded in 1984. ;)

    I've got a few Sandro pieces that I picked up in Paris and in some department stores in the UK and Ireland, including this lovely shearling jacket:


    And their F/W 2011 lookbook remains pretty much one of my favourite lookbooks ever: http://www.tendances-de-mode.com/en/visuals/87-sandro-fall-winter-2011-2012
  11. Noway!!!! 1984? Well where have I been all these years? Yes I remember 2011! I still have a few pieces! Although ss12 I find the best for jackets!
  12. Do you own anything fun?:graucho:
  13. Thanks!! I knoww! Burgundy is really having a moment!! Hmm, I'm not too sure... I purchased this at Bloomies and also remember browsing online and seeing it on stylebop! Not too sure who else had it, but I can see how stock can vary country to country, etc.
  14. I absolutely adore this Sandro ss12 red jacket! I'm bound to freeze myself but the colour gives me summery mood even when it rains non stop!
  15. Great mod pics ladies.

    Does anyone know of any online store that ships internationally? The US sandro site only ships to US., but the prices are much higher than EU. The other place that I can find is stylebop, but their selection is limited. I would really appreciate if you can advise me of any websites that ship to Canada. Many thanks!