Let's talk Rouge H

  1. Love it? Hate it? Classic H? Do you find it works with your wardrobe or does it compete? Do you consider it a neutral?

    I am eyeing something in Rouge H clemence and would love to hear opinions.

    Oooh, and one more thing - do you think Rouge H works with PHW or only with gold?

  2. Love it in box. Yes, I consider it a neutral...I wear mainly black. I think Rouge H box with GH is gorgeous. I have it with PH because that goes best with my wardrobe/jewelry but wish I had gotten it with GH. I am not as familiar with it in clemence.
  3. LOVE IT in box!!!! Can't for mine to arrive. Hopefully, it won't take 4 years like another customer in my store.
  4. Mmm, I am thinking something CHEVRE in Rouge H too.I don't think it is classic. I love it but am just wondering whether it matches me as I am mostly in classic outfit.I will definitely pick up the GH when I take the rouge H.:tup:
  5. Love it! love it love it love it!
  6. Personally I love the color even though I do not own any items yet. My personal opinion is that it goes well with mostly everything in spite that it can be considered too bold for some. Just think about a black outfit and it goes well. A more casual look...YES... Browns, khakis YES YES. Should I keep going? :graucho:

    For me the gold hardaware would be ideal but I have seen it with PH and it quite elegant as well.
  7. I love it and was actually a bit surprised at how much I love it in Clemence. I thought Rouge H in box was the only way to go untill I saw it IRL.

    I also think it looks great with both GH and PH, it's a little warmer with gold but I like cool colors too and think I would prefer it with PH :yes:
  8. I love Rouge H. Looks great in Clemence and in box. I think it would be pretty with palladium though I would prefer gh.
  9. LOVE IT! I think it works with either GHW or PHW, it really depends. The HW on my bolide is pretty understated, so I can wear it with gold jewelry etc, no prob. It goes with most everything.....

  10. CobaltBlu your Bolide is gorgeous and I think 90% of it is the color...:heart:
  11. Aw, thanks M! You know, I shouldnt have said it goes with everything, because of course it doesnt go with, say turquoise or orange....:nogood:

    but it does go with most everything I own..... and if it is questionable, I pop on my rouge h enamel bangle and all is well! :okay:
  12. :heart::heart::heart:...and yes classic!!!

    Especially in chevre, box and chamonix...

    and yes PH is fine...

    My dream Kelly was Rouge H, PH, Sellier, chevre...
  13. A total classic IMO. I saw shopmom's rouge-h birkin in box at the NY get together and it was a stunner!!
  14. I have a Rouge H Clemence picotin and I love it. It is a really beautiful color and works as a neutral. My bag has palladium hardware but I think Rouge H with gold is stunning. If I ever bought another Rouge H bag I would request gold h/w.
  15. I am a sucker for all red Hermes anything....the rouge h is a lovely deep red towards a burgundy color IMO (chamonix)....and I had chevre at one point - it's a great color without being too BRIGHT!