Let's talk Plume

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  1. I haven't seen anyone bring up one of my favorite H's--the Plume--for a while.

    I just love this bag for it's classic simplicity. I'm hoping to get another one (a 28 this time--color and leather TBD by store availability).

    What are your thoughts on the Plume?
    What size/color/leather combinations does H make?
  2. Jehaga, I have a 28cm potiron epsom Plume with gold h/w. I love it!! I've been carrying it for travel along with my 35cm potiron Garden Party tote. The two look terrific together and the Plume fits a ton!
  3. I have my rouge h chamonix 28 plume and love it as well!! An easy bag to carry - very light - secure -- love it! Oh and I also have my mini plume (wink @ NS!)....I love the quiet H bags (as well as the traditional ones!)...
  4. Awww, I'm glad you kept the mini Plume. It is so cute! Did you get to see the Paris Bombay thread? I've decided to keep the PB and wore that beauty today. I'm in love all over again!
  5. LOL NS!! I didn't know that you decided that also! It's a good thing! The little bags are nice and it's almost not worth it to sell them...so enjoy it!!
  6. I may have already mentioned this once before, somewhere else on here, but here goes

    I used to not care for the plume because it reminded me vaguely of a make up bag. I was never really fond of it, up until recently. The series of images of it that I have seen lately (Plumes in croc, ostrich, and beautiful bright colors) has completely changed my thoughts on it! I even tried a smaller Turquoise plume on in Hermes the other day and I thought it was adorable! I might just get one, one day :biggrin:

    Does anyone know how much Plumes run? Any leather, regular or exotic, I'd love to hear some prices, because I have never checked before!
  7. jehaga: I love plume w/ a twist. bicolor plume w/ bright color piping. or exotic plume.:drool:

    28cm is a very cute size. do you think it'll fit everything you need?
  8. I love Plumes! The 28cm is actually very roomy!
  9. Because of it's width it holds a lot! I would say as much as my 31 bolide easily...Neeya, I think they run about 5-5500...
  10. Fesdu: yes, I definitely want a 28 this time. too much room in the 32. Keep an eye out for me!!! I need to get myself a Mother's Day present!!!
    Ninja Sue: is there a pic of your plume floating around here?
    Shoes: if ever you get sick of your rouge H plume, let me know!! And your Bolide is gorgeous!!! How are you liking that compared to the Plume?
  11. jehaga...well I hadn't used the plume since fall since acquiring other bags...so it's been nice to use it! I do love it - I love the handles and it's easy to use and you don't have to close it as nothing will just fall out...love the zip and it's so light! Another perfect bag by Hermes lol!! NS -- I think I know that orange one of yours and it's so pretty!
  12. Jehaga, I've been very negligent - I forgot to take a pic of my gorgy new potiron Plume. So, I just snapped a quick pic in my closet. Will have to take a better pic in natural light (if the sun ever decides to shine again in the northeastern US...). Here she is!

  13. jehaga: I will! If i see anything in HI..i'll call you!! :yes:
  14. ninja! wowwwwwww!! gorgy indeed! and those boxes! drool! :drool:
  15. ninja sue - what a gorgeous plume! :drool: