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May 19, 2006
lilach said:
rigid- stiff classic handbagform more ladylike
souple - slouchy more casual

Thanks Lilach for your help. So does rigid & souple refer to a different types of leather ie. togo and clemence? Or is there such a rigid togo & a souple togo, a rigid clemence & a souple clemence?

Pardon me if I sound silly with my questions. I am trying to learn more about the different textures there are within Hermes .:hrmm: Thanks in advance :yes:
May 12, 2006
Meow said:
Hi Greentea, what is the difference between rigide and souple? Thanks

Rigid is stiff because it is sewn on the outside. Meaning the you can see the stitches and therefore they have to be perfect, which requires more time and a more experienced cratsperson - which make the rigid $1000 more expensive...

Souple is sewn from the inside (you dont see the stitches). they sew the bag and turn it inside out afterwards...so the stitches are inside in the end...

usually rigids are made from from stiffer leather - if a souple is made from soft leather (like clemence) it's called Kelly Mou...

it is is made from soft leather sewn rigide (outside) it's called Kelly Sellier
Apr 18, 2006
Now that we're talking Kelly construction, what do you ladies who own Kelly rigide bags think of this construction? Do you find that you're more careful when you carry them? I always fear that I'll bash one or more of the corners in--which is one reason I prefer 32's in souple. For 28 and smaller, I like either.


Mar 14, 2006
Thankfully if I keep up my trend of changing bags several times a week I won't wear any of them out lol!!! Since acquiring these beautiful bags I tend to do this, whereas before I did not..I do, however, not generally worry about anything other than keeping them out of dirt's way and safe...