Let's talk $$$$ -PLEASE!!

  1. First let me say congrats to all the new birkin owners!!! It's so exciting when "normal" people get a break and don't have to wait on the list!!!

    How much does a birkin really cost? Would it be possible for us to put together some sort of price sheet? I know leathers cost different but does color also? I'm interested in a 35cm so if you could give me some idea of prices on the various leathers it would be great!
  2. 30cm, Togo, palladium, new 2006 green - $6820
  3. 35cm, Togo, palladium, Blue Jeans -- $7400 (excluding tax).
  4. My 35cm came out to $8000 and some change after tax. Its a togo bicolor with ruthenium hardware. I finally got around to checking my receipt and it actually wasnt as expensive as I thought it was :lol: *phew*

    I saw a a 40cm Clemence Blue Jean color for $8500 yesterday :biggrin:

    The Clemence/Horse Hair I saw in the 40cm was $7800. I'll try to remember more and come back tomorrow with a report after I get my Ulysses :biggrin:
  5. Noriko, is the bicolor more?
  6. I don't think the bicolor is too much more, if more at all :biggrin: I need another one soooo bad!
  7. HEHE!! You need a 30 next or a Kelly 32!
  8. :lol: I sure do! I want the matching Kelly to my birkin, but the odds of finding that aren't too good! :cry: I hope I can so a special order! I was practically offered a special order on the croc with diamonds yesterday :lol: but I'm not ready yet.
  9. Yeah - that would be CRAZY!!
  10. Noriko! you are too funny needing another one again! addictive, isn't it???? now we want all kinds of colors. :love:
  11. :lol: Nothing like the Hermes high! :love:
  12. :love: nothing compares...:love:
  13. btw, I'm pretty sure this thread is birkin prices only, but in case anyone was interested in Kelly prices, there was a 28cm chevre fuchsia Kelly for $6100 as well :biggrin:
  14. Noriko, was it a rigide or souple?
  15. Souple I believe, but I'll have to confirm that tomorrow :biggrin: I always forget to ask that!!!
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