Let's talk Peanut Butter!


Favorite Peanut Butter

  1. Jif Creamy

  2. Jif Crunchy

  3. Skippy Creamy

  4. Skippy Crunchy

  5. Natural Creamy

  6. Natural Crunchy

  7. Other

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  1. I read the thread on alternative healthy snacks and found that so many of us like peanut butter as a snack. I LOVE peanut butter and thought it might be fun to see what everyone likes: Jif, Skippy or Natural, creamy or crunchy!

    I only eat the natural type peanut butter now. Trader Joe's is the cheapest for organic or regular. I'll take either crunchy or creamy.
  2. whole foods makes a good one too
  3. Skippy Crunchy for me. Morning, noon and night! LOL!
  4. Jif creamy. I can eat the natural ones, but my kids don't like it.
  5. I grew up on Peter Pan peanut butter. The all-natural Whole Foods brand that my husband buys now tastes kinda funny to me.
  6. Peter Pan here too! I love that stuff and had to use Jif while the recall was going on, b/c the whole stock was pulled from my grocery. Nothing tastes the same to me. I like creamy the best but crunchy is good sometimes too.
  7. I like good ole' skippy, but I am willing to try a natural kind.
  8. **stomach grumbling**
  9. I like Jif creamy, but love crunchy also, I also buy Peter Pan.
  10. I am so addicted to Hadley's honey roasted peanut butter. I eat this stuff on apples, crackers, bread...you name it.
  11. It totally depends on my mood... I love all peanut butter!

    One of the farmers markets I go to has a homemade kind that's just coarsely ground roasted peanuts with honey. It's not creamy or crunchy, but somewhere in between. And it doesn't come in jars-- it comes in little plastic deli containers and it's sold by weight. Its soooooooooo delicious!!

    I also buy Skippy Naturals in creamy or extra crunchy, usually creamy though. It's the only natural kind I've tried that doesn't separate. It's really good!
  13. I voted for skippy crunchy- although it MUST BE super chunk! I'll take any extra crunchy pb!
  14. I voted other. Before I was allergic to peanuts I used to love the Jif creamy peanut butter and honey.
  15. I love the one the grocery store I go to makes. It's a natural crunchy PB.