Let's talk on-line returns

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  1. I shop on-line alot, because I can find great deals and usually more colors, styles than in the regular stores (but believe me, I hit them up too!)
    There are certain online sites I stay away from because they really sweat you for the return:

    1. BlueBee- I buy there, but ONLY if Im sure. You have to ask permission to return, and then they want to talk about it.
    2. DesignsByStephene- Great jeans, but the return policy is BRUTAL. You actually have to call to make sure they credit you...
    3.Eluxury- very nice about it, but because I have to call before I return, I feel guilty
    4. Net-A-Porter- forget it, they never get back to you, making you feel like you'll be stuck with it.

  2. I've had pretty painless returns with Nordstrom. Zappos is the easiest to return stuff, ever.
  3. I'm a real stickler about return policies, I all ways check before I order something. Some companies even charge a re-stocking fee:tdown:, and this is after you pay for the return shipping.
  4. I usually buy from saks.com, nordstrom.com, or neimanmarcus.com or bergdorfgoodman.com so that I can return to the store if I need to. I almost always buy clearance stuff from shopbop so I can't return the items, but I haven't been disappointed so far. I buy from VS when they have free shipping/returns specials. Unless I'm really sure I want it and can't get a better price anywhere, I don't buy from places that have bad return policies.
  5. I'm in Canada so I try to shop at places with the longest (& best) return policies. Good ones are Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Revolve Clothing IMO.
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    yup! the above two stores are the easiest with return. they dont ever ask you the reason. and credit back to you right away. they offer the best customer service.

    NM is a little difficult with return. it takes 1 month and another a week to see the credit back to your card. but they are very reliable.

    wait a minute, zappos ask you to fill up a few questions along w/ your return. to collect the feedback from customer to reduce the return i suppose.
  7. I have had the best experience w/ zappos. Their CS is amazing.
  8. I agree, Zappos customer service is AMAZING! Nordstrom is also awesome about returns although I seldom return anything. :smile:
  9. Nordstrom.com is awesome because they allow you to return items in-store. I had to do this once and it was completely hassle free.
  10. My winners for overall online experience and great return policy are:
    never try NM, Saks but I'm sure they'd be great too.
  11. I will never buy online from NeimanMarcus.com again!! I've had two stressful experiences with them:

    1. First time, I ordered a Juicy hoodie for my dog as a Christmas present. Paid overnight shipping to get it there by Dec 23 as I was going out of town for the actual holiday and needed to bring the presents with me. The hoodie didn't arrive until Dec 28th. Upon arrival, it was the wrong size as well. I called NM and complained to the customer service manager. They did rectify the situation by refunding my shipping costs ($23), giving me a 50% on the item, and sent out the correct size before mine was even returned to them. Verdict: :tup:

    2. Second time, some five months later, I ordered a Marc Jacobs clutch for my mom for Mother's Day. Of course, my mom and I were out windowing shopping later that week and she fell in love with the clutch in a different color than I had ordered. So, I went out and bought the other one (this color was on sale!!) and, upon arrival, sent back the color she didn't want. Then, I sat and waited...One week...Two weeks...Three weeks...Four weeks... Finally, I called NM customer service to find out what the deal was with my package. I had sent it with delivery confirmation, so I knew it had arrived and sat there. The lady on the phone actually had the nerve to yell at me!! She said there was absolutely nothing she could do. She said it is standard procedure for returns to take 4-6 weeks and she could not confirm that my return was even recorded in the system as having arrived. She said I would just have to sit and wait to see if it shows up on my credit card. So rude!! Verdict: :tdown:

    So, for me, I'm not comfortable with NM online anymore. I love the service in person at my local store and at the Las Vegas store, but never again online!!!
  12. ^^I am sorry about your awful experience! You can return online purchases in store. I did a sendback once and it took forever, not to mention having to pay for return shipping, so now I always return it to the store.
  13. Revolve definitely has my vote for easy returns.
  14. My experience with Bluefly has been pretty negative, though not just with returns. I'm pretty sure I'll never be buying from there again.

    Revolve definitely has one of the easiest return procedures ever.
  15. Wow, that's a bummer that both experiences were a bit of a bust. I've ordered from Neiman Marcus over 80 times and each time was perfect, including a couple of returns I did. But it is true that the returns take 4-6 weeks.