Let's Talk Music.

  1. Hey
    I just wanted to know what kind of music everyone likes?
    Music is a HUGE thing in my life.
    I sorta like everything.
  2. :jammin: Aha sorry i'm listning to music now.
    I love YouTube!
    Just waiting for some Replys here :wtf:
  3. I love music also. If it weren't for music I would have never met me Husband. We are both MAJOR Springsteen fans and we met trading live tapes almost 20 years ago.

    I have an 80Gig Ipod with over 25,000 songs in it. I listen to it every day while at work and in my car.

    Funny story... I was offered an extra Springsteen ticket by a friend a few years ago and my Husband said that he would forgive me for cheating on him with another guy before he could forgive me to going to a Springsteen concert without him.
  4. My musical tastes are very eclectic. I attribute it to my mom. She had us listening to to rock and roll, jazz, motown classics, etc... I love everything from Tom Petty to Tupac.
  5. Lol thats so sweet!
    I loose my ipod to much to update all my songs!
    I'm on YouTube every time i'm on the computer.
    I was listning to the same song for a whole day they other day :wtf: 9am - 1am cause i was doing work i can work without music!
    But it was the same song over and over but i love that song!
    :roflmfao: at your story!
    Bless him :nuts:
  6. I'm only 23..but a HUGE fan of classic rock. I love David Bowie!
  7. I'm a huge fan of music too.. I'd probably die without music LOL!!

    Me and my iPod are one.
  8. ^LOL!
    If i don't have my ipod i have my phone and load loads of songs onto there so i don't go out without one of them!
  9. "] I was brought up that way too.
    I listen to everything.
    I mean, I burned this CD once from my WMP list and iTunes list and I let my friend borrow it.
    And she goes
    "Okay. Like, 2 songs on there were good because they were actually rap. The rest of it was stupid because it was mixed of a whole bunch of crud like country and rock and pop. Whats up with your music style?"
    I was brought up right, thats whats up with my music.
  10. Lol^ Yeah i try to be open minded about music you know try and listen to everything?
    Does anyone like Rock music alot?
    Like Korn?
  11. I'm also a huge music fan and a writer.

    I listen to anything from Jazz, Motown, Old School RnB (the style my voice carries) to music that moves me from Metal, Classic Rock, Rock and Roll, Funk Rock, Raggae, and Ska.
  12. Well, I'm always listening to music...I love pretty much everything from Rock, to Classic rock to even Country. Right now I'm really into Meg & Dia and Amy Winehouse. I also love John Mayer and Jack Johnson!:tup:
  13. Wow, cute thread! :nuts: Music is my life, also. :nuts: I played classical piano for 11 years and my bf is the most AMAZING pianist. I also listen to everything: from lite FM to punk!! I just love how music alone can bring almost anyone together. It's also neat how when listening to your ipod/phone/mp3 player it's like walking/driving/[ok, just insert any verb] to a soundtrack!
  14. I love Rock music, but I'm not a huge fan of Korn.
  15. I kinda like a little bit of everything:

    Top 40
    SOME country (more poppy country)


    Basically, anything I can dance to!