Let's talk make up

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  1. What kind do you buy? Are you loyal to one particular brand?

    i recently found Laura Geller and lover her make up! With the exception of 1 or 2 lipstick colors and mascara-all of my make up is Laura Geller.

  2. I'm pretty much a MAC girl for everything. Although, there are a few mascaras I'm going to try that aren't MAC. But, yep. I'm pretty loyal to certain brands.
  3. print*model-
    Is that you in your AV? You are gorgeous!
  4. I used to love MAC until I started getting bad SA experiences, so I switched to Chanel - love it love it love it!
  5. Thank you:shame: ! Yes, it's me. Very sweet!:flowers:
  6. not very much into make up.. like the more natural but I know that i will be investing in it soon.. so would love to hear from others which ones they think is the best.. btw, i have brown skin so what goes well with that?
  7. Well - I don't wear a lot of makeup but what I do have is from a bunch of different brands. I don't use foundation, powder, blush, or lipstick. But I might have to break down and start using some sort of base since I'm not getting any younger!

    Eye shadow and liner is from MAC, mascara is Dior Show, Lipgloss - I have pretty much every brand that is sold at Sephora. I am a lipgloss junkie - have at least 2 shoeboxes full of lipgloss.
  8. I love Chanel, Benefit, Stila, Bare Minerals, & Clinique
  9. if I can look like you - I'm buying MAC!

    I use alot of different brands. have yet to find one line where every product works well on me.
  10. i recently bought a ton of MAC stuff - i got the works! it's great, easy to apply, and i don't have a problem achieving the look that the girl in the mac store did for me. the mac girl at Nordstrom sold me the entirely wrong color the last time i bought makeup, so i went au natural for a while, but the girl at the MAC store did a wonderful job.
  11. I only wear Chanel. Chanel = looooooove : )
  12. I'm in love with Bare Escentuals (Bare Minerals, ID-whatever they call themselves), I love their products for my face. Chanel is my favorite for lip glosses & lip sticks, Nars for blush, Stila for eye shadow.

    Heck, I just love make-up!:heart: I don't really wear Mac all that much. I've heard from several make up artists that their products are terrible for your skin.
  13. Pressed Powder-Dior.
    Foundation/Tinted Moist- Laura Mercier.
    Blush- Chanel.
    Mascara- YSL.
    Lipstick- Versace.
  14. Chanel foundation, lip pencils, lipsticks :heart: :heart: :heart:

    estee lauder eye liners, eye make-up, lip conditioners and creams

    bobbi brown lip glosses

    and dior lipsticks too
  15. mac and benefit are the best :biggrin:
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