Let's Talk LV Wallets!

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  1. I hope I've got this in the right place. I'm a little new to this and this is my first time starting a topic...

    I have decided it's time to buy a LV wallet. I have put this off because, well, for the price of a wallet, I could buy a handbag (certain ones) and opted to do that. Last time I went shopping for a wallet, I walked out with the Neverfull MM. :graucho: Anyway, would you mind sharing which wallet you have and whether or not you like it, find it functional, etc?

  2. We actually have an LV Forum, I'll move this for you :yes:
    That's a super busy forum though, you may want to try a search.
  3. Thank you, I appreciate it. Sorry about the misplacement.
  4. My first Wallet was the Zippy in Mono. I really loved it, but I gave it to my mom as I bought the Mono Insolite with Rose Pop Interior because I love the pop of colour. I like the Insolite but miss an additional compartment for bills. I have tons of stuff in my Wallet so I need a bigger one. And the insolite doesn´t keeep its shape as nice as the zippy when there is much stuff in it. If the Zippy came with colourful interior I´d buy it again in a heartbeat...
  5. Try doing a search in the Clubhouse as well as in the general LV forum as there are lots of threads on wallets. Welcome and good luck!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.