Let's talk Louis...what are the MUST HAVE accessoires...


Jul 28, 2006
In your opinion what are the MUST HAVE accessories???

Many of us have a lot of bags but, not enough accessoires?

I will start....I think one MUST HAVE accessory is the cles...wether it is in daimer, mono, epi or vernis...btw vernis is my favorite for the cles...because it is cute and practical for my change...love that it attaches to my d ring in various bags....

Now name your MUST HAVE accessories and WHY......


Loving my Epi bag!!!
Aug 13, 2007
ITA that everyone needs a cles in their collection, I have 2 and I use them both sometimes!! I really would love to get the key and change holder in the Amarante, I have it in the Violette, but I love the color of the Amarante and want to get a piece before they are gone!


1 <3 Lyndee!
Oct 19, 2007
I'm so surprised so many people are saying cles!! I already own a rond, so I don't think it would be so practical for me.... I don't have one yet, but I'd think a zippy coin purse would be the best accessory to have- it's a great little wallet and can fit into any bag!

oh so lovely

Nov 6, 2006
LV pug - i bought the red epi cles off elux and thought it was brass too based on the pic but when it came it was silver. the only thing that bothers me about the silver is that i don't hang it on the outside of my damier speedy because i don't love how the silver and brass mesh together. that said, the cles is so cute and useful that ultimately i don't care that it is silver instead of brass.