Let's Talk Limited Bags....

  1. What are some of your favorite limited bags? Ranging from graffiti to things like Lizard trimmed cerises or the Oskar Waltz. Pics would be great if you have them :smile:

    Right now....I'm drooling over this gorgeous Cerises fermoir on eBay!
    I also really like the Stamped bags from last fall!
  2. the blue sac de nuit.. Drools.. is my all time fav :smile:
  3. Waltz Macha and the Eye Love Bags. :smile:
  4. Vienna Mizi! I want that bag soooo bad in black. :crybaby:
  5. Oh, gosh. Me, too!!!!!!!
  6. My favorite is the Mizi Vienna in Aubergine.
  7. The greenish-khaki colored Graffiti Speedy and Mono Rivets bag!!!
  8. Alligator steamer is one of my all time favorites! but I have so many
  9. Here are top three of my favorite limited eds. LV bags:

    Mizi Vienna and Vienna Alligator Sac Fermoir PM


    Oskar Waltz


    I would love to own EVERY bag ever made for either line!:love:
  10. Gawd woman!!! That Oskar Waltz is TDF:drool:
  11. Oh Irene...they make me drool every time I see them!
  12. kuuipo627 and twiggers, thank you!!! :love:

    Twiggers, are you talking about lizard sac fermoir or deauville? If you are thinking sac fermoir, don't waste your money! Unless you have a lot of dressy occassions to go to, the bag won't be of any use.:sad: And, IMO, it's too pricey to just sit and collect dust in your closet.
  13. the eye love line and the oskar waltz!
  14. i love the cerises line :heart: the speedy something different but for everyday use ^^
  15. Eye Love, CB & Cerises bags are my faves!