Let's talk keys - what do you have them on???

  1. I really like the Carmen key ring but I'd like to get something that I can throw in my bag and not worry that my keys will cause damage to my agendas, wallet, etc.

    What do you use???
  2. I use an H key chain, the simple one that looks like an "H". I however usually throw it into a cosmetic bag or in the slit pocket to keep the keys from scratching the interior
  3. I only have two keys car and house. In my bag I use a Bolide Cosmetic Case that holds all these types of things and protects my bag and wallet from being scratched. It works really well for me.
  4. Hermes came out with a Mini Dogon case with a chain which you can hang your keys and keep them inside the case. You can use it to keep bills or cards. I'm not sure if it is still available though. There is also a normal key case.

    I am currently using LV Monogram key case to keep my keys.
  5. An old Prada handbag charm/keyring from 2004.

    Since those are so passe now as bag charms, I converted one to to my key ring.
  6. Aluminum D ring from Home Depot
  7. a coach key card case that I bought 3 years ago.

    I am on the lookout for the H mini dogon case with a key that pursenality has!
  8. A, is the Carmen the one with the toggle clasp? This is the one I bought....so far so good on it's being kind to what's inside my bags. I carry a croc wallet, box agenda and LV checkbook.

    One never knows tho.....different people different & experiences can happen, for sure!!
  9. I do not like keys that jingle around so I have the LV 6 key holder that snaps closed. I only leave my car key hanging out. My other keys are snapped inside
  10. I have a special pocket in my bagmate I always use in Ms B... but frankly the bagmate does NOT transfer to a 28cm Kelly or it won't close. Which bugs. So, been thinking about a new alternative... :confused1:
  11. I zip my keys in a Louis Vuitton cles before I put them in the bag.
  12. I have the leather key waller with the 6 key rings. I got it at Hermes. It keeps all the keys in place and ready for use. I can just fling it in my bag and not worry of scratches.
  13. I have a Bearn key wallet (in rose shocking... can always find it in my bag!).
  14. I have the Carmen...do not love it...the "best" key chain for me is made by Coach...

  15. I remember going through this last year...TOUGH! My car key is soooo huge that it was nearly impossible to find something. Nothing would close (snap/fold etc.) or zip shut with the darn thing. UGH!!!

    I am using the LV cles, but it is not perfect for me. Go take a look at Bottega Veneta. They have some beautiful zip pouches that have a key ring attached by a leather cord and you can stuff even the largest amount of keys into the pouch and zip it up. The BV leather is so soft that it would be wonderful in an H bag. (That is if you don't mind swaying away from H...also, prices are pretty nice at BV and SA's are amazing)