Let’s talk how lucky that we live democracies; I’m in the middle of a military coup!

  1. There is this small problem where I am right now, Bangkok has been declared under the stage of emergency with tanks rolling around near the government house. I didn’t even know this until my friend’s parent phoned and woke her up because right now it’s 11.30pm. It’s going to be interesting…

    At my personal level, nothing is grave (I don’t know what’s happening tomorrow) and I send my condolescence to the Thai people. But may be it is also a good time to reflect that we should be grateful that we live in societies where the Natural Right of Liberty remains intact.

    P.S. If I’m allowed to talk politics; for Thailand this may be for the better. The Prime Minister of Thailand has been alleged to accept kick backs from General Electric-ownedInVision Technologies from ‘specs-locking’ and purchase of the CTX airport bomb scanners which is a subject of US Senate investigation and hear this, from the English language Thai newspapers I read that he sold of $1.8 billion in shares of his company and he didn’t pay a penny in tax, I thought I was pretty good at evading tax!
  2. :wtf: OMIGOSH!! Stay safe & best wishes to everyone in Bangkok.
    Scary times we live in.:sad:
  3. I heard about this this morning!! Are you all right? I was hoping someone from here would post something about this. Be safe and lay low.... :heart:
  4. I hope you are alright!
  5. stay safe.. hope things improve for the better in your country.. so many new rules will be made, so just stay safe...
  6. I've been hearing about this all day. Be careful! And thanks for the background information. I try to stay informed, but this really shocked me this morning when I turned the tv on.
  7. Ack!! Please be careful and stay safe!!!
  8. be safe!
  9. Be careful and stay safe!
  10. I heard about this! I hope everyone stays calm (as calm as can be in a military coup).

    I did hear about alleged corruption - but even so the voters should decide, not the army.

    Stay safe!!!
  11. First of all thank you for every ladies' concern, it's actually a bit strange because actually a lot of people seems to like it. I'm typing this in the breakfast room of The Oriental hotel and everyone from Thai and foreign guests seems to agree (I also asked the waiter for curiosity purposes and he agreed as well!). It's probably not too serious anyway because there is no roll call - I'm making this sound a bit too much like a playground fracas - at the British Embassy and I'm been in a worse situation that this, namely in the underground train that was bombed on 7th July last year; hey I got through that so this is peanuts!

    This has got me thinking though, from what I've read for 2-3 years now in The Economist et al, the [former] prime minister got elected because he was good at populist policies so it was on the back of the uneducated rural class and he used his powers to get away with corruption, should democracy and voting be happening still in this case?
  12. I have been following this all day. I have been to Thailand four times and just booked tickets for my mom and a friend to go there in December. I truly love the country and I hope everyone there (including you) is safe and that the problems come to an end very soon.

    btw, where is the pic on the right from? doesn't look thai to me but lovely nonetheless
  13. Please stay safe and check in with us so we know you are ok!!!
  14. Stay safe, Bee...Bee.
  15. This is a problem in democracies - that of 'mob' rule. Its unfortunate but I think many countries aren't quite prepared for a true democracy yet they rush into it. Its hard to imagine how well elections work when you don't have an educated and informed populace (although I suppose this applies to most democracies in a sense). :upsidedown: Sometimes things take steps - after all in the United States it wasn't until the 17th Amendment that Senators were directly elected, rather than appointed by State legislators.

    Anyways, stay safe!