Let's talk HH "cosmetic" bags or other small cases

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  1. #1 Feb 9, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2010
    I'm contemplating getting a carryall, but I'm a little worried that it'll get dirty inside. Do you just not care or do you have to carry your makeup in a separate bag to go in your case? It's not like you can wash the carryall, so I just wonder if it's a good investment.

    And what's your favorite little case like the carryall? What do you use yours for and what's inside? :smile:

    Oh, and for people with multiple carryalls/cases, which is your fave leather/print?
  2. I love the carryalls, but yeah, I get afraid of getting the inside dirty. I put my lipglosses and chap-sticks inside and lotion, but not any make up that will spill and be messy. It is nice to open your bag and see the pretty colorful carryall inside. I say every Hottie should have 1. I try to get them for a decent deal though. never pay full price for one.
  3. I use my BBWS carryall for makeup, I just put it all right inside...the lining is nylon so it'd be easy to clean (although I haven't actually needed to yet). I've had it in there for over a year, no problems. :tup: I use my Ginger one for cuffs at the moment.
  4. I definitely keep my makeup in a cosmetic case inside my handbag. I don't use a plastic bag in the cosmetic case though. Usually I use the freebie GWP cosmetic bags but I have two carryalls and a Botkier case as well. The Botkier one is really nice bc the lining is plastic and can be wiped clean. I've been using my onyz HH carryall for months now and haven't had a problem. I really like the HH carryalls bc they're not structured so they don't take up a lot of space in my handbag. I carry lipgloss and sticks, liners, mascara, shadows, brushes and fragrance samples just in case...
  5. I carry makeup/lotion in my carryall, baby food/snacks/spoons in my GP barrel case.

    The carryall containing any mess is better than mess getting into my purse. Same for the barrel case, but that I don't worry about bc it's fabric and I'm sure anything would wash right out.
  6. I never owned a carryall before the previous ROAK (before the New Year's one). I got my first carryall as a ROAK gift from my fantastic, fierce friend, la femme Niki..Eucalyptus with the gorgeous print lining. I was petrifried to use it but I got over it fast..LOL. I love it.So far..pristine. I carry lipsticks, glosses and pencils and powder and Bath and Body Works Lime Verbena Coconut Hand sanitizer..and Clinique Pore Minimizer (love it) and nothing has happened..(watch..my lipgloss will explode inside just to prove me wrong).

    I scored an olive one with a plain canvas lining, turned it inside out and sprayed the lining with fabric protector. I use the barrel cases too (especially the PM Plaid and the Harlequin which are made of tougher stuff than the thinner floral prints). But often I use pencil cases for cosmetic cases, especially for the "wet stuff" because they come in fun prints, zip, and are relatively inexpensive. It all depends on the size of the purse I'm schlepping though. But I never leave things rattling around inside my bags.

    I'm lemming for another carryall but not at full price..and Nikki dear..I never would have known what I was missing had you not turned me on to them..thanks...I think..LOL :hugs:

    ETA..I know this is not the right place but I see you are on top of me..LOL...so...HAPPY BD LADY EN GA
  7. Ummmm not anything Enga.... I stained the inside of my barrel case with lipstick and it won't come out... :Push:
    That said, I love the carryalls and use them for makeup... no sense in leaving them in my drawer when I can let them brighten up the inside of my handbag!!
  8. Oh, I know, Cho!!! I meant to say that I don't care if anything gets on it bc it can be washed out and get cleaned! I'm not too worried if I get it a little stained, though, lol!
  9. I have multiple carryalls in my purse. I have aspirin, dental floss, lip gloss, lip balm, a few emergency quarters, a mirror, hair ties, lotion, Imitrex, cough drops, a pen, glasses cleaner, tampons (no Milo yet), a tea bag, crystal light on the go pouches, and a pill case in them. So far I'm having more issues with the outsides getting dirty on the corners than anything getting on the linings, I'm hoping the new shine carryalls will be less delicate. I'm still plotting the use of my barrel cases. I have a few Milos on order too, I hear they are excellent for tampon transportation.
  10. I am with GB! I finally got a carryall from my lovely ROAKER last go around and I'm carrying it with misc lady stuff (think, MILO! LOL) and makeup and I've not had a problem. ITA with tonij that it squishes down nicely and fits in the bag great!

    ETA: Milo!!! LOL Monkeytail! 2 Milo posts....
  11. Glad you are using and loving your carryall Gb! I thought you would!!! MB, I think you will love the carryalls! You should try one. the shine carryalls look beautiful!
  12. Mib, if you find an older carryall with the HH logo print grey nylon lining, they wipe clean pretty easy (I have an older grey one and a yam one). Presumably the new ones with the canvas just won't show powder or smudges... you can turn any of them inside-out and spot-clean them, too. I also have a MB carryall and the silky painterly lining definitely needs a little spot-cleaning with some Woolite.

    So I've got the three carryalls and always have one with makeup. The others either lie fallow or hold other makeup or manicure tools. I love the shape... they'll hold a ton. I did buy a special blush brush that retracts and has a cover to carry around; it cut down on little flecks of blush.

    I also have both sizes of the PM canvas cases and LOVE them. The barrel case holds more, IMHO. I use mine as pen cases, cord and battery charger holders, meds, tons of stuff. The rectangle case is the least useful of the three... but it holds enough... I use one when I travel for travel-sized shampoo, etc., and use one (from my first ever RAOK!) for other school supplies (mini stapler, bulldog clips, flash drive).
  13. i don't have one either but, reading the above, i def. want one!

    i'm going to wait for a sale to get a carryall. the regular price is too rich for me.
  14. I have an older one with the monogram lining with manicure items too, it's very easy to pull the lining out and sponge it off or use a bit of soap if needed.

    I've even used soap on a fabric coin purse, just was careful to not use a lot of soap and kept it fairly dry then wiped with a damp towel...no problems at all, it came clean very easily.
  15. Dude....... I soooooooooooooooooo got this question....

    my fav. carryall would have to be the normal carryall w/ nylon lining. Like Jenn said it's cleanable to an extent. It's the perfect size for everything it makes me pair down to "bare bones" and not carry so much. It's slim enough to fit in smallish bags and doesn't really get lost in big bags either. I normally keep my power compact in a zip lock bag inside my carryall. Lesson learned. I had one explode one time. It was everywhere.

    Second Fav.s are the paule marrot carryalls (barrels & rectangles) they are huge and don't fit well in some bags but they hold a ton and they are washable.

    I did do a little experiment on my blog awhile ago which "carryall" holds the most.
    I really should finish the experiment I got so many more carryalls since I did this. I'm a total junkie.