Lets talk hardware!!

  1. Just thought I'd stir up conversation regarding hardware colors and bag colors. It seems to me, that Coach likes to have a certain hardware color for the season/line and uses this on EVERY bag regardless of the bag color. I've never really liked the clay bags but couldn't put my finger on what was bothering me about it until today. I was browsing eBay (bad!):smash: and I ran across this picture. The brass hardware does nothing for this bag! It would look so much better with nickle IMO. I guess its the cool/warm thing. I see Clay as a "cool" color so I would imagine "cool" colored hardware such as nickel would look best? Anyone else with me? I love the brass hardware on the warm colored leathers but Coach put it on EVERYTHING this season. I would think the designers would know that brass hardware isn't going to look good with every color bag and the same with nickle? I'm sure its cheaper to use the same color hardware on every bag for each line and each season but the final product on some won't look their best. hmmm....What do you think? Has there ever been a bag that you would love to have but hated the hardware on it so you passed? Picture this bag with cool toned nickel hardware.......:tup:
  2. I know what you mean... and I definitely agree with the matching bag color/hardware thing.
  3. Ditto! Some bags look so great, until I see a different color...
  4. I have been thinking about this a lot. DH has passed up buying me some things in favor of others because the fabric/hardware matched better in his eyes. And if a man's man like my hubby notices things like that, you bet your bottom dollar we fashionistas will too!

    I think certain types of hardware can either dress up or dress down a bag, accordingly.
    For instance:
    I have a chelsea turnlock wristlet in black/black. It has silver accents. It looks very classy and dressy. I have an ergo wristlet in black also but it has brass accents and a button and it just doesn't look as dressy. I use it more for everyday if I need to use a wristlet.

    Also, some people don't like mismatching their jewelry and handbags that have a lot of hardware. What do you think about that aspect?
  5. I am the opposite. I don't want any bag that doesn't have brass/gold hardware. I am not into nickel at all. I have passed up some pretty bags because of it.
  6. I agree with you that nickel would probably look better on that bag. You're right about warm and cool color tones. It's like jewelry and clothes.
  7. Also, some people don't like mismatching their jewelry and handbags that have a lot of hardware. What do you think about that aspect?[/quote]

    Matching my jewelry with my handbag hardware would be extreme for me! LOL..I'm matchy, matchy with moderation. ;) I don't like to mix up my jewelry though...its either all white gold or all yellow gold but I have never in my life not worn a handbag because it didn't match my jewelry. I think I'm just thinking of the handbags themselves....I'm really into color and matching cool tones and warm tones respectfully. :p but I understand some people just want certain hardware colors period. I can see that side of it too. :smile:
  8. I love silver over gold accents and it was hard for me to get over that when buying my hampton. I have since been able to get over it but still wear my silver jewelry even though it does not look right.
  9. i think it should have white hardware or black... i dont think it would look good with nickle it would just wash it out
  10. I agree, I don't think my white leather shoulder tote would look so nice if it had Brass Hardware. Does anyone think they will ever offer one bag with 2 seperate types of hardware? Probably not, but that would be interesting to see.
  11. Or a build your own Coach bag. That would be so cool. You pick the shape, fabric, color, hardware, and size. That would be the greatest creation ever :drool:
  12. LV does that with super exclusive customer events...it costs a LOT but at least you would have creative control over it!!! :smile:
  13. Oh that would be awesome, even if it costs alot I would pay b/c it would be your own creation and no one else would have the same one!!!!....... it's got me wanting one now lol

  14. I'm with you Tabby1964, I think nickel hardware looks just ok but the brass really makes it stand out and look richer. I actually like the fact that this season a lot of designers have come out with grey handbags with gold hardare. Love the contrast!!! :tup:
  15. The brass hardware looks fabulous on most if not all colors, IMO. On this Clay, the brass really warms up the cool grey color and gives it a nice contrast.

    I wear Sterling Silver & 18Kt Yellow Gold Jewelry mixed all the time, I love that contrast and I always match my handbag's hardware.

    I understand it's not for everyone, but give it a try!