Let's talk Delvaux!

  1. For me, Hermes is the best in terms of quality, craftsmanship and I don't think I could be tempted away...

    However...I was reading India Knight's book 'The Shops' last week and she wrote a small paragraph about Delvaux bags comparing them to Hermes in terms of quality and craftmanship. They are a Belgian company since 1829 making handbags appointed to the Royal family in Belgium, top quality etc etc. (it's funny, I didn't know much about Hermes when I got this book a few years ago and I completely missed the reference to Hermes, lol)

    I just wondered if anyone here has heard of them and can comment on their quality and craftsmanship compared to Hermes bags. The bags look very nice on their website http://www.delvaux.com/index_en.html but there are no prices and of course there's no substitute for handling a bag in real life. Does anyone know how the prices compare to Hermes prices?

    I found a link here about them here


    but I thought if anyone would know about top quality under the radar bags (OK perhaps not the Birkin, lol), it would be the Hermes group.

    Many thanks for any thoughts. I'm posting this in the Hermes forum as I am interested in how they compare to Hermes bags, hope this is OK.
  2. don´t know them sorry but i have to say their designs seems like a mixture of every brand that is out there (H included) and that is not for me kwim?
  3. Delvaux is only available in Belgium, Luxemburg, Russia and Japan. They are known for their great quality and craftsmenship. A Delvaux is not as expensive as Hermès. Prices go from about 500 € to 3500 €, depending on style, material and size. That's for bags. They have loveley small leather stuff too.
    The website does not show all the bags. Their most famous bag is the brillant.
    I think Delvaux is great and classy, but you can not compare with Hermès. That's a league of it's own.
    (sorry, if I made spelling errors. English is not my mother language)
  4. I've visited the Delvaux boutique in Brussels a few months ago. I felt sooo tempted to get one of their totes. Then I saw a gorgeous lady with her Birkin, and she seemed to be a regular customer at Delvaux too.

    I don't think you can go wrong with Delvaux, although the form and leathers seem to be quite hard and structured. Unlike slouchy Bottega and some Hermes pieces (Togo/Clemence/Swift Birkins, Lindys, etc.) Delvaux pieces are very box-like and heavy; the sizes are either quite small or rather big, but the big ones, again, are heavy. I think BV and Hermes have items that are more comfortable to carry.

    Color-wise, Delvaux seems to champion neutrals - browns, cafes, blacks, etc.

    Price-wise.... that always shifts choices, always a reality-check. Delvaux is in the price range of LVs and Chanels. For casual comfort, cheaper-than-Hermes prices, neutral colors, quality, and relatively lightweight feel, I'd go for BV.

    Top quality, under-the-radar H bags: I'd say the Lindy, but it's not that far away from Birkins in terms of price. The Massai is another candidate. Plumes and Victorias are very discreet. Kellys and Birkins set the radar off, but Hermes has many different styles, colors, hardwares, and leathers which is why H-shopping is so fun and joyful. Mostly, non-structured Hermes handbags make for great casual handbags.

    In itself Delvaux would make a fine handbag. I think Delvaux is too structured and heavy for its casual styles. The formal handbags were very attractive and discreet; I was very impressed with their "Troika"-like versions. I don't know what the after-sales servicing is like, but I reckon few designers rival H for after-sales services and maintainence. As an investment, you know who wins, no need to be reiterated. The only thing that keeps Delvaux under consideration over H is the price, but when it comes to style variety, comfort, colors, leathers, investment, hardwares, services, etc. H still wins for me.
  5. Forgot to mention... If you ever visit Antwerp. Both Hermès and Delvaux are in the Schuttershofstraat. You can also enter the Delvaux-store from the Komedieplaats and that's where Louis Vuitton is too. So al these brands are merely 100 m apart from each other.:woohoo:Oh, and there's also a gucci on the corner.
    So you see Antwerp is a real shopping paradise! (just a teenie bit chauvinistic:angel:)
  6. Thank you Phédre, that's most helpful,

    "I think Delvaux is great and classy, but you can not compare with Hermès. That's a league of it's own."

    I think this is beginning to sum it up for me too, thank you
  7. I saw them a couple of seasons ago at Saks in Washington DC, but they stopped carrying them. The handbags looked very derivative of Hermes, at least to me. On the website, I really like the Mens zip top briefcase and messenger bags however. I wish they sold them in the US.
  8. Thank you transcendant, for your very helpful and considered comments. At the moment I own a Massai and Picotin (both unstructured) and a 35cm Kelly and 31cm Bolide (both structured VL) I'm saving for a Birkin next but it's a hard slow process, lol, plus Birkins are so hard to find or order. I love the Lindy but it doesn't love me (competing hips :sad:) and I love the Plume and Victoria but I would need a lottery win to satisfy all my Hermes carvings lol.

    My favourite H bags are the Bolide for my fancy 'posh' bag and my Picotin for a great casual, easy bag. One reson I love these bags are their under the radar appeal and that is why I wondered about Delvaux. I LOVE that no-one recognises my Bolide or Picotin but I have a very slight sense of unease with my Kelly and I fret (very slightly) about carrying a Birkin (should that day ever happen) now that it so well-known. BUT, would I always feel I was making do with 2nd best with a Dalveaux?

    I am intrigued by the Delvaux bags, I'm glad to find a brand that seems so good yet relatively unknown. I'm not good with lots of choice. I know many of the ladies here have Hermes AND Chanel AND VL etc etc but I get too confused so I decided to stay with one brand, the best, Hermes (imho) to make life easier (though poorer, lol) for me. It was interesting that you saw a lady with birkin in the Delvaux store, I would find that reassuring, lol. And I love neutral colours for my bags. I need to find a city in Europe that has an Hermes and a Dalvaux to have a look.

    "The only thing that keeps Delvaux under consideration over H is the price, but when it comes to style variety, comfort, colors, leathers, investment, hardwares, services, etc. H still wins for me"

    I think this will be my ultimate conclusion too.
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  9. Oooh, that just answered a question put in my reply to trans, thank you. I see a mini city-break coming up!
  10. Hi,

    This is my first post here. I've got a friend that would love to have the Briljant of Delvaux. Delvaux is very chic in Belgium. The brand is also avaible in Milan according to my friend. Myself I have a little LV and a black Mointagne of Bottega Veneta. Currently I'm saving for a KP in croc. Since I saw the pics of the fuschia and violet one, i'm in love!:heart:
  11. one of the women in the apprentice by ms, carried a large orange one!

    It's the most coveted brand in Belgium, if you go on www.ebay.be and search for delvaux, you can find alot!!!!!!!!!!

    It's quality is very very very outstanding! I like the interior more then the Hermès ones.

    Watch out for fakes! Yes, our Belgian brand is being faked too!
    If you go to Turkey of whatever, you will find alot of fakes, like you would find Lv's or Hermes, etc...

    So: if you're being faked, you're good right!? lol x
  12. Thank you Andzrej, interesting too about the faked Delvaux, seems that no brand can escape this menace. Belgium has just doubled in my estimation, chocolate AND handbags, LOL.

    PS I've just had a quick look at the eBay.be site You're right, there's dozens there. It gives me a good idea of what's about. I've just costed a flight to Antwerp from the UK, it's very expensive :sad:
  13. I own 2 Delvaux handbags, both purchased at an Estate Sale, for under $100 for the pair. Very little use. Women were fighting over worn out Gucci's and Kate Spades and these bags were just sitting on the table. Once I picked them up, I never put them down. At the time of purchase, I did not know the name "Delvaux".

    One is the classic Brillant in a rich navy blue. I adore this bag. I think it went for around 1650 Euros. It came with a cute little mirror in a Delvaux matching leather case.

    I own 3 Hermes, and I think the Delvaux's are of the same quality.

    The bag I lust for, and have for some time is an Hermes Kelly. I have not found one I could afford, yet. :crybaby:
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  14. A few years ago I noticed that Saks carried a small selection of Delvaux. I stopped in my tracks to admire them in the showcase because they appeared to be of very high quality. I remember asking the price and being pleasantly surprised. Sorry I didn't examine the bags further but they were all clutch bags-a style I seldom wear.
  15. They carried them in Bev Hill Saks up until about 1-2 years ago. They just didn't sell well. They do make a fine bag. I have a Trim style from them and the quality it as good as Hermes. They used the same toile as Hermes and the leather is similar to a togo but the grain a little finer. They had fitted it out to hold a cell phone and it has a built in key holder. Even came with a matching mirror. They are supposed to be handmade bags as well.

    I think the problem in the US was that the styles were too conservative and structured for a market that wanted slouchy bags. The company was trying to get a foothold here when the Balenciaga biker style bags were really hot and all the other manufacturers were following in their lead stylewise. The man in charge of the dept at Saks told me that there were many discussions with the Delvaux company, and they were not willing to change and become more modern. My only problem with their all leather bags was that they were extremely heavy even when empty. They managed to make a Birkin feel light in weight!