Let's talk coin purses

  1. In an effort to improve or reference section, I would love to see pictures of your coin purses or ways that you carry your change.

    Please post your pic, state the name of the item, the approximate measurements, cost, and if you know the leather types the item comes in please include that as well. Anything you feel you want to share is perfect!
  2. Ooh yes, I want pics too!
  3. I use a vintage snap top coin purse.....the kind my grandmother had. It's so perfect that I haven't found anything recent to replace it with!
  4. I really want a Le 24 (I think that's what it's called?) But at $310 I keep thinking...that's half a Speedy. :sweatdrop:
    But then again I would use it every day.... ;)
  5. I have a Le 72. I love it. I really love it.

    It comes in chevre, togo, epsom, and buffle gala, as far as I know.

    It is like the le 24, but has three compartments. It does not open up like the le 24, because the edges are riveted together (with something more charming than a rivet, but anyway...)

    Heaven help me, its about $80 more than the Le 24. But it is really marvelous.

    I like that it can fit folded bills. I put them in the back, silver coins in the middle, and pennies in the front.


  6. Holy cows CB...that's fantastic! :nuts:
  7. :heart::heart:Thanks CB.

    I feel that is was my most insane purchase. :love:

    Yet, I love it and use it constantly, the buffle gala is a great choice for this, and it is great in rouge h....like a jewel.

    I really love this little piece. I use it more than my wallet, it really holds quite a few bills, so I keep 10s, 5s ones in it, and larger bills in my wallet.

    Once I break them, its into the 72 they go! Its cost per use ration is getting smaller every day!
  8. [​IMG][​IMG]

    Got this my vibrato coin purse a few years ago .. was one of my first Hermes purchase .. don't know what the name of the piece is nor the price .. but I love it to death and use it tons!
  9. OK......now THAT'S what I could replace my vintage snap-top coin purse with. I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!