Let's talk CLUTCHES....

  1. I use a small shoulder bag or tiny handheld evening bag for parties, but have been intrigued by gorgeous clutches that look so glamorous. Lately, I've been thinking about getting a clutch and would love to hear from clutch owners about their bags...

    Do you prefer them to other types of evening bags? Why?

    Do you carry them with your fingers/with your hand, or under your armpit? (ooh just thought of this, if so, are you worried about pit stains when wearing sleeveless dresses? sorry about the :sick: question).

    My main worry is that it doesn't seem like it would be as secure to just clutch the clutch(pardon the pun :smile:, and even less secure under your armpit. (couldn't someone just slip it out and run?) -- this could be my paranoia talking :wacko: .

  2. i like them better than other evening bags because they're more elegant imho...and i can't stand wearing things on my shoulder. i usually just carry mine in my hand or set it with my coat in a spare room if i'm at a party. holding one be a bit annoying (esp. if you're prone to talking with your hands like i am) but definately secure. if someone has the cajones to walk up and take something out of your hand they probably want it more than you. :smile:
  3. I think clutches are so elegant, but I've finally realized they're just not for me. I'd rather have a small shoulder bag (2.55 for example) that I'm not as likely to set down and forget. Plus, I never perfected the juggle cocktail/stick clutch under arm/shake hands act.
  4. hey ya!
    i've got a clutch/wristlet thingy... nothing too fancy - just a little black OROTON one... it holds everything perfectly for me! its perfect as i dont have to worry about the strap falling down off my shoulder etc... PLUS, if i did have an evening bag it probably would be too BIG! I just love BIG bags... so smaller the bag the better esp. if you're going out for the evening UNLESS its like a chanel re-issue or LV pochette (i think this LV piece is a perfect evening bag!) or something
    thats my 2 cents :smile: hehehe!
  5. I love clutches. I actually have a little collection that started when my mom let me have her old ones. It's good for a night out- when all you really need is some cash, spare change, cell phone, and keys. It's also good for a little walk out to get icecream. It could get in the way (or loss) when you're going shopping and you're grabbing things left and right, and trying on clothes.

    They do get dirty easily though (from all that grabbing), so I find dark colors work well. It's also even better if you have a little wrist strap that goes with it, so you can just hang it on your wrist while you're shopping. You can also dump it into a larger bag if you don't have time to change purses. :smile:
  6. A clutch is good for an evening event....

    Would I wear it during the day? Nooooo lol
    I need to carry 2 sks, 1 razr, my long fendi wallet, 2 keys, and sunglasses (that's all I carry LOL)... so it wouldnt fit on a clutch :P
  7. I carry a clutch as my everyday bag - I don't carry much with me (phone, small wallet, keys, lipstick) and I actually like having it in my hand. I haven't had much trouble with the juggling/not-enough-hands issue, though I admit I have once or twice resorted to holding the clutch between my knees for a second while I move stuff around. :shame: If I know I'm going to be doing something that requires both hands, I'll choose a clutch with a wristlet.

    As mlertpac says, they do tend to get dirty - I use a lot of Apple Garde! (BTW, mlert...I'd love to see a photo of your clutch collection! :graucho: You know I'm a fan!)

    For evening - I'll either carry a slightly dressier clutch or make use of my husband's pockets so I don't have to carry anything at all.
  8. I have lots of clutches. I carry them when they match my outfit or for evenings.
  9. I'd be afraid to use a clutch, bcuz knowing me i'd accidentally put it down somewhere without realizing it. ie if your taking food by a buffet table at a party and trying to juggle plates
  10. Samantha from Sex and the City had bad clutches!
  11. My favorite is the rare and elusive Hermes Kelly Elan in black Box calf with silver hardware.
  12. I love clutches and feel really secure with them. In fact, I used to carry continental wallets, make-up bags, or large coin purses, in the evening, as clutches; about 10 years ago, before they even came back into fashion!

    I even wear them during the day - as long as the design is suitable and I don't have too much to carry!

    I always carry them in my hand, unless I need both hands temporarily, when I'll hold them in the crook of my arm (but not thrust up into my armpit :yucky: :lol: ).

    I've heard that breaking someone's grip on a handheld bag, or clutch, is far harder than yanking a shoulder bag off somone's shoulder. :idea:
  13. The ladies onthe show Girlfriends have great clutches.

    I can never find the large leather clutches.
  14. I like the concept, but I'm so absent minded that I think I would place it down someplace and then forget to pick it back up.