1. I am really thinking of getting one and would like to know if a) you use one, b) if so, what style, and c) has anyone seen one of those cute vibrato coin/change purses (with the clasp up top) at Hermes lately? (or is vibrato gone, gone, gone???)
  2. I do , but mine is not an H, its Penhaligons:
  3. I use the LV monogram groom: picture from eluxury.com

  4. I have the triangle vibrato that I got from bagalley49 on eBay. I love it. I also love the ones with the "kiss lock". There was one on eBay but it didn't sell. You may want to contact the seller and see if she still has it. She is a wonderful seller, on the tPF list. She's the person I bought mine from.


  5. If I ever get an H one, it will be like this one (this is Orchids)

  6. Rose, yours is so ladylike!!
  7. Sus, I absolutely love mine. Rose Jr has the same one in red.
  8. :heart: This is beautiful, Rose!!!
  9. Oh, I love the colors of the vibrato in this! Beautiful! I remember the one you are talking about - I thought about it but wasn't to excited about the colors. Thanks, though!
  10. this is what i have, too.
    mine is mysore goatskin.
    i use it to store quarters for the parking meters.
    it holds lots of coins and yet isn't bulky at all.

  11. Thanks SBL, ;) !! I had always wondered about the capacity of this model and appreciate the endorsement.
  12. Oh I think I need one of those too! First a Post It Note holder and now this coin purse! Will add to my rainbow nicely. With my small Dogon wallet, I can't put more than a couple coins in it. This would certainly help!
  13. I don´t really use a different coin purse but if I would I would love the one Orchids has. I also love Kallies gorgeous purse.
  14. I don't really use a coin purse, but that is a great idea to store change for meters, and tolls.
  15. I have the Bastia coin purse


    It holds a huge amount of coins, a few scrunched up bills and sometimes, small items.