Let's talk CARD CASES!

  1. I had a great Louis Vuitton card case. It was full of things like video rental cards, car washing card and hundreds of dollars worth of gift cards.

    Ok so now to topic. I've either left it at a store or someone has taken it from my bag. :confused1: And even with all I lost (luckily not credit cards) some of which I don't even remember, my first thought is - now I can purchase something Hermes. :rolleyes: Ok, I am kinda upset about all my gift cards.

    So please give me some help with advice and pictures of the various ways H makes card cases and how you deal with yours.
  2. There's this really nice one that I saw the other day not sure what the name of it was, but it has the same closure as the Bearn wallet and the keyholder, but it opens up and it was 4 compartments. It retails around 900 or so I believe. It's really nice and would be great for organizing all those cards! I really want one now haha...
  3. That one sounds terrific MPS. Does anyone have a picture??!!
  4. I don't have a photo but I can try to describe it better for you...when you open it, it's opened like a book. On either side there are two individual pockets to hold everything in. I'm contemplating getting one myself so that I can retire my LV card case haha...
  5. Thank Mrposhspice and msfashionista.
    I like the Thill CC mentioned in the other thread.
    Anyone have any other ideas?
  6. A Karo pm should work
  7. I have a lot of loyalty cards, and cards I only use on the other side of the island (of alaska) etc. Also Auto club, Rx, and lots of other cards that only make an appearance occasionally...

    I use the little Vision zip PM agenda--(a less expensive option would be without the zipper).

    I took out the agenda insert and put in an insert (not from H, from office max) that is simply plastic pages (it was for a business card wallet). I wish I had a pic, but anyway, you know those inserts for credit cards that are in inexpensive wallets--the last "page" is hard plastic to slip nto your wallet....

    anyway, I slipped that in one side of the agenda, and it still zips up nicely, and I can fit lots of cards in there, and still a couple of cards in the pockets as well.


    Its extravagant, but I LOVE IT, and it gives the trip to costco an elegant edge that is otherwise missing...

  8. Great ideas Rose. I had not thought about a karo.
    Thanks for the great picture of your pretty violet Vision agenda Cobaltblu. I like that it can double as an agenda too. Is it hard to write in because of its size??
  9. I recently purchased a teeny vision agenda at the Alaska store (the smallest one) to store surplus cards in, and it works like a charm! Many thanks to the ingenuity of our Avandome for the suggestion - I'm now a happy, card-carrying gal!!
  10. Silly me, I actually meant to say clarisse PM, which I think would be perfect.:heart:
  11. Thanks GF. I will be off to look at the Vision agenda.
    Rose, I am so glad that I am not the only one who has written one thing meaning another (that's another reason I luv tPF). I will check out the Clarisse also.
  12. Sus, I honestly havent written in it, I took out the refill when I put the card holder in, the two items did not fit well. But I think I will get a tiny simple vision II, because I do like the little pad for writing down little things, like today at lunch i had to whip out the ulyssee just for a phone number!

    And when it comes to small leather accessories, well, the more the merrier, I say!!!
    :graucho: :heart: :p
  13. Ha, I agree CobaltBlu. If I am not careful the accessories will force me into a 40cm.
  14. Check out the new Azap Financial. If you want to store loads of cards and bills. And receipts while you're at it too. It's new this season. But it does not come cheap.