Let's talk bras

  1. I have the hardest time with them-I am rather large chested and through the years I have bought tons of bras. Cheap ones, expensive ones, fancy ones, plain ones, etc. I have bought bras that have been rated great for comfort and they still stunk.

    Anyway-I am on the hunt for yet another new bra-the one I have been wearing for a bit now is killing me.

    So-tell me-what bra do you like?
  2. I wish I was larger chested lol. I'm a B cup and don't have a whole lot up there, but usually get a victoria's secret bra with some padding for daily wear. And get something more special for *those* nights ;)
  3. Wacoals ALL THE WAY!
  4. ;) Calvin Klein: Perfectly Fit T-Shirt Bra

    This is great for holding and lifting - and disappears under just about everything!
  5. I swear by Victoria's Secret bras... my current favorite is the new Secret Embrace bras :love:
  6. i'm a huge fan of wacoal!!! they are the only ones that give me good support.
  7. my new fav is the secret embrace as well! i used to really like the very sexy pushups til these came along. my breasts shrank... from a 34A to a 32A so now i need new bras :sad:. i'm waiting for the semi-annual sale in july to stock up!
  8. I am wearing a Wacoal now-I believe it is called the Ultra Suede? I bought it because a magazine I was reading rated it very high on comfort for larger cupped women. It was pretty comfy when i first got it-but, have had it for 6 months now and it is killing me.

    Forgot to mention that I ordered a LeMystere Dream Tisha bra online about 2 weeks ago-still waiting for that one.
  9. My first job was as a manger in the lingerie Dept.

    The most popular were Wacoal and Bali. Both provide good support.
  10. bras don't have very long lives unfortunately. They may last a year if you only wear it once/week and always handwash and air dry only. The elastic breaks down pretty quickly otherwise.

  11. I just got the secret embraced! i L0VE it.. I love their Angels line! The ipex is good also.. I wear them with polo shirts
    my favorite ones are the
  12. I'd def. recommend getting fitted at Nordstroms- I've always had great experiences with them!
  13. Is the VS Secret Embrace a padded push-up? I haven't been in recently.
  14. victoria's secret ipex wireless!
  15. I'm very small chested 32A and I wear a La Vie en Rose bra that makes me a 34B. I love there bras, but they are very simple and plain. When I go to Vegas I'm going to try some VS bras. I have in the past and noticed that they just don't do it for me. That was years ago so hopefully now it's different. I love the lace of VS and the different styles.