Let's talk all things OPI!

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  1. Since I couldn't find an "all things" OPI thread (yes,there's the swatches one and ones about specific collections), I decided to open one:smile:

    And the reason why I was looking for a similar thread in the beginning, it's because I have a question. I wanted to know how does A Good Mandarin is Hard To Find compare to Y'all Come Back, Ya Hear? I've seen both of them in bottles and they look different (the latter sort of lighter, less bright) but when I looked up swatches they look almost identical. So, how do they compare IRL?

    So girls, feel free to ask anything OPI (as I already did):P
  2. Hm, I guess I like A Good Mandarin is Hard to Find a little more:P But you know I'm gonna get both of them anyway!:P:biggrin:
  3. Yay, this thread was missing from the nail care section!!
    I love OPI, one of my favorite brands for nail polish!
  4. yay i'm excited for this thread!

    i bought a whole bunch of mani/pedi stuff awhile back and never got to post it!

    i bought a foot file, greentea soak, cucumber mask, espresso scrub, and white tea masage.

    so good! i love giving myself pedi's once a week.
  5. Glad you girls like this idea:smile:

    ashleyroe, how do you like their products? I really like their new Lemon Tonic line!
  6. i'm really happy with them!

    especially the soak. it smells so good and my feet are so smooth after. they texture of the scrub is great also. i think they're well worth the money.

    oh and the massage lotion last a long time on your legs, which i like cause it seems like your legs soak up all the moisture and keeps them smooth too!
  7. I was an Essie girl for a long time and then finally I tried OPI and I am pretty impressed. I started with YDKJ. This weekend I am going to paint my nails with Come to Poppy. So excited! I also can't wait for the Muppets collection. I will break my ban for that!
  8. ^ Oh maaan, I totally forgot about the Muppets collection! I'm gonna have to splurge too!
  9. I guess I'm convinced:P If I find it anywhere here, I'll get it!
  10. bumping this awesome thread back up!
  11. here's my mani collection i mentioned before:

  12. How do you like the cucumber mask? Does it actually smell like cucumbers? (that is one of my favorite scents.)
  13. its a fresh sweet smell...
    alittle perfumey.
    you can tell they were trying to go for a cucumber smell...

    the soak doesnt smell like tea at all. but its a great smell.

    i love they way it goes on. it's like a butter.
    very smooth and gives you that cold sensation.

    about 10 mins later it dries into a normal mask. i usually apply it daily 10 mins before i go into the shower and let the water rinse it off.

    if i'm doing a mani on myself (or my bf... SHHH! lol) i usually apply it after i do the scrub and have rinsed/dried my feet. then i rinse the mask and apply the massage lotion.
  14. Oh that sounds very nice. I'm going to have to try some of that. I give my DH manis too.