Let's Talk Agendas, Note Pads & the Like

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  1. I am honestly finding everyone here on tpf more knowledgeable than SAs at stores. I am looking for a medium sized agenda that I can slip in my bag for notes. In a perfect world I'd like lined paper preferably able to pull out if needing to give a sheet to another. I do not need a calendar.

    What does Hermes have that fits??
  2. Ulysse notebook sounds like it may fulfill your needs.
  3. There are agendas/diaries that have a lined paper insert that are more structured than the Ulysse. Inside, there are two little hooks that grasp onto the "notebook" section. Pages can be torn out as well.
  4. ^^ what are they called?^^
  5. I second Rose, Sus. The Ulysee. It's practical, affordable. You now have the Azap Combined Wallet so a Ulysee is a different look. The Ulysee cover is made of Togo and it's luxurious to the feel. So soft. This is what my dear friends got for me, for my birthday.

    There are a few choices of paper inserts:-

    a) plain white (it comes with a ruled guide)
    b) coloured inserts (as seen in the pic; it comes with various colour combos)
    c) tabbed insert (see Neeya's thread). I think orchids mentioned the official name ... something like a travel insert or something similar.

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  6. ^ That is the exact agenda I would like, the Ulysse. Same color, too! :nuts: I read in Neeya's thread about the tabbed inserts - I was told that the only inserts that fit the Ulysse are the unlined white/parchment and multi-colored sets. I'd love to have the tabbed ones, though.

    Didn't mean to hijack the thread :shame: Thanks for posting those pictures, mrssparkles :yes:
  7. Cristina, the tabbed ones are only slowly arriving at the H stores all over. Neeya is the FIRST to get one. Lucky girl. My store hasn't even received stock of it yet ... so I am still waiting!
  8. Christina:

    The travel tabbed inserts are only for the PM size as well. If you were looking at the TPM or MM notebook that would not be an option.


    You can get plain notepaper to fit into any agenda (PM, GM, Globetrotter, zip agendas) but I am not sure if there is ruled notepaper available for those. My PM Ulysse fill came with a ruled guide but my TPM did not. I wish Hermes made a notebook fill with peforations so that the sheets could be easily removed.
  9. Thanks Rose, thereallouis, Mrssparkles Christina, & Dianagrace and Neeya in abstentia. You all have been a real help.

    What size would you recommend for having in a 35cm birkin or 35cm kelly?
  10. last week i got my ulysse with the tabbed insert, i'm sure they'll get to you guys shortly! :smile:
  11. Thanks mrs. s and dianagrace! The Ulyssee I'm thinking of getting measures 6.25" by 5.25" - I think that is the larger size? I remember the SA showing me a smaller version (I think), but my handwriting is way too big for that :P
  12. ^^ That is the PM one but not the MM. The MM is the larger one that is around 7.25X9ish. I just bought one. I think there is a thread about Ulysse: http://forum.purseblog.com/hermes/ulysse-sizes-121018.html

    The insert is unlined but you can get various colors. TOO GREAT!!!! SCP has many colors in stock.
  13. Thanks dianagrace & gazoo. I'll be reviewing all these other Ulysse threads.