Let's talk about Twillys

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  1. I didn't get to make it into Hermes in Palm Beach last weekend, since the bf and I were busy with the daunting task of house hunting - ugh.

    Anywho, I still really want a twilly to tie around my bag(s). I saw you can order them from the Hermes Web site, woohoo :nuts: I think one would look so pretty on my Chanel tote :love: But I have some questions!

    1. Would that be weird, tying an Hermes scarf around a Chanel bag? I don't think it would look bad, but I'd love to hear some opinions!

    2. What's better for tying on a bag, in a nice knot? The twilly, or a pocket square? The twilly measures 33", I would probably have to do a double knot or wrap it around the handle of the bag a couple of times, right? Would a pocket square be too small? They measure 16" by 16".

    3. Color decisions! I like these twillys, I think either of them would add a nice bit of color to the black tote. What do you guys think?



    Any help or suggestions would be great! :nuts:
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  2. I think that the orange twilly would look great! Go for it!
  3. Just my opinion - but I would personally choose green to avoid the Halloweeny look. But...again...that's just me.;)
  4. I love the orange one, too :love:

    I want it to look like this: http://forum.purseblog.com/louis-vuitton/deauville-in-epi-leather-10673.html She has a scarf/kerchief tied to her Epi Deauville, it looks great! Think the twilly is good for that, or the pocket square?

    Thanks for your help :nuts:

    :lol: at the Halloween comment, addicted. I have a pair of orange jimmy choo heels that I never wear with black for that reason. But, I think since the scarf has white in it, it's not just solid orange, it won't look too Halloween-ish :lol:
  5. I think the twilly would look fine on a Chanel tote. Don't know about the rest -- would love to hear everyone else's advice...
  6. Oh - you're right...with the white I think you can avoid "halloween bag!" I also have orange shoes (wedges) and don't wear with black as well.

    The deuville looks like it has a pocket square size on it. Are there any pocket squares that caught your attention?:love:
  7. When you tie a pochette onto a bag, you fold/roll two opposite corners into the center until they meet. This makes a long piece of fabric that you can tie once on a bag handle. It works perfectly. For the Twilly, I either tie mine in a little bow, or knot it once or twice and let the ends dangle. It all depends on the size of the bag you're working with. Both are great! Also would be prefect on a Chanel bag!
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  8. Heh, well, this might sound silly, but I really like this one with the zebras on it :shame: And the one below it. The colors on that one are beautiful :love:


  9. ^^LOVE the 2nd one!!!!!
  10. Those are pretty, Cristina!
  11. Get both!;)
  12. I'd also like to tie it around my Speedy - which color would go better?

    I am leaning toward the fuchsia one :love: I think I'm going to go for it!
  13. THANK YOU! Great tying tips, I appreciate it. Now I'll actually know how to use it when it arrives :lol:
  14. You're welcome! - And I love both of those pochettes.
    My favorite Twilly right now is the Jardin with the white background and green leaves. There's one on ebay for a pic.
  15. ^Greentea:

    Is this it (jardin)?