Let's talk about toile/combo bags...

  1. :rolleyes: I was going to SO a toile/leather birkin...but have now decided against it due to the bottom not being leather. The bolide has a full leather bottom and well since I love the style...I'm thinking of going this route. The SA wasn't sure that the toile could be cleaned/serviced...I thought it could? How does it wear? Does anyone have the toile bolide that can add info? Thanks!
  2. I've heard that the toile CAN be cleaned. I think this combo on a Bolide is super-chic!
  3. Thank you GT - that's what I thought but the SA seemed unaware...I hope you are feeling better!
  4. I also heard that toile can be cleaned. The GP is toile/leather but the bottom is fully leather.

    I'd love to have one day a toile/natural barenia 30cm Birkin with palladium hardware.
  5. I was also told that the toile can be cleaned. And the wool on the défilé fabric combos, too (and the fabric on these can be spot-cleaned as well as you would normally with wool).
  6. When I was looking at GPs they told me Toile can be cleaned. I think that would be a gorgeous Bolide!!! :drool:
  7. It's kind of funny that all the while speaking with the SA (who is very nice I must add)...I'm thinking that I need to ask on the board lol!!! Someone here always has an answer!
  8. The toile has a stain resistant finish on it to start with. It is cleanable, but I totally agree with you regarding a bolide vs birkin. I think it will be better because of the bottom and it will hold up better all around. That being said, I would love a 30cm barenia/toile combo, but I know that I would not be using it very much. It is strictly a dream bag for me. I'll just stick with my chamonix/toile trim for now :smile:
  9. I'm just very glad I learned of the bottom issue BEFORE impulsively purchasing a toile birkin!
  10. shoes, I have explicitly discussed the cleaning of toile with my craftsman when my GP showed problems. (Mine was the Rouge Imperiale). He said that the natural toile is the best, because when he cleans it, it's OK. But with the dyed toiled like mine, there is no way he can wash it thoroughly & make it look like brand new again. Dyed toile is NOT colour fast. He gave an example that if he was to clean out the stain on a particular spot of the GP, that part will come back looking lighter than the rest of the bag.

    My GP was sent back to Paris, and Paris could do nothing for it. I was given the option of getting another GP, I didn't.
  11. mrss....very good info to learn! Sorry about your tote...I never would have thought that about the colored bags having that issue;
  12. Mrs S. Sorry to hear about the colored toile! I had no idea about that, so thank you for a very important piece of information. That is pretty serious in my book and I would stay away from anything with color in the future. Does this must mean that the Potomos bag are going to have problems on down the line?
  13. gracekelly, I am not into potomas (sp?) and so, I have no knowledge about it.

    With regard to my Rouge Imperiale GP, the toile not being colour fast was a discussion my craftsman brought up. He advised that ladies should never take it to a dry cleaner to do it because it is not colour fast. It had not happened to my GP because I didn't do any of that. The problem I had with my GP was that the surface became cringly (wavy) & some parts were exposing the 'white' under the dye where the cringly parts were. And no one had any idea how it became like that.
  14. toile birkin are nice. but, you have 2 be careful when using it.
  15. I think toille combos are so elegant, so classic. It would look beautiful in a Bolide.