Let's talk about this new design Sac en V

  1. I think that's what it's called according to amkur's post, who also posted this picture before in the thread "Hermès in Print".

    I really love this bag, the small size in croc, that is. I think it's a great alternative to the Bolide and Plume styles.

    I can't wait to see it in the stores and check how it looks like live! I wonder how big it is since this model is obviously a lot taller than me.

    Anyone seen this bag live?

  2. The small croc Sac en V is spectacular. It makes my heart race. Do you think the name is a play on words referring to sac (bag) envy? :P
  3. I really have no idea how the bag name is. I tried to google it, but nothing. Although when you pronounce it in French it does sound cool and rhymes very well ... sac en cinque
  4. That bag is just gorgeous! I hope someone has some good info on this- it is so amazing!
  5. I am loving the smaller one. :nuts:
  6. Just saw BOTH these bags in SF this morning! (more on THAT later...)

    The small one is darling! (Ninja Sue....this is a bag for you, for sure!) It was a 20cm in black Vache Ligee (not my favorite leather though...feels like rough paper to me). On the inside it had a gusset on each end of the bag allowing it to open very wide. It's boxy...so if you don't like the boxy look this might not be the bag for you. It looked great on the SA who was petite and thin. It was sitting on the shelf and then she got a phone call and whoosh...it was GONE! I saw it for like 3 minutes tops! Approximately $4,500.00. Very, very cute!

    The larger of the two bags (the one in the pic that looks like Natural Chamonix) was in Rouge H, Fjord leather and is the size of a carry-one. Two zippers that meet in the middle, and HEAVY! It was very, very heavy EMPTY. I can only imagine what it would weigh filled with overnight stuff! I commented to Jose that it should come with wheels or a guy to carry it for you! This one was selling for approx. $6,600.00.
  7. Thanks for the info D! :flowers: Wish I could've seen the small one. Can't wait to hear what else they had... :graucho:
  8. Great info D! Thank you! I am really loving that small croc Sac en V!!!
  9. Thanks for the update shopmom! Mmm, the small size of 20cm is too small for me. I wonder if there's an "in-between-size" between 20cm and the larger one.

    I like boxy bags but I have to see this one in real. Is it spacious inside?
  10. it is too cute saw one in berlin but it was apparently a "showcase bag as they are not officially released in europe" at least the sa said so and she refused to have me look at it closer " sorry madame it may get dirty"
    but i would love to get on if there would be an intermediate size (same with the PB small is to small large too large)
  11. Yea, LaVan...the small one is petite for sure but very roomy inside. They only had the one bag so I don't know if it's going to be available in other sizes and the SA's really didn't have much info either.
  12. That sucks! :rant: I think clients should get to have a look at it .. at least the SA can get her gloves and show you the bag. You could also have a glove and model it. Then you can see the inside and see if you want to order one.
  13. D:
    spill the beans what have you bought today :graucho: ;)
  14. Thanks. That's good to know that it's roomy, I just hope it's not too wide on the sides. Mmm, the croc picture though looks bigger than 20cm.
  15. I'm interested in these bags, too! They remind me of some of the popular Chanel bowling bags.

    Ninja, I was thinking the same thing! I wouldn't be surprised if Hermes did another play on words, considering the Kelly Doll (as in "quelle idole!") bag from 2000!