Let's talk about this Leigh Signature Pocket Flatp

  1. I've seen a pic of this being modeled on the shoulder.

    Is this suitable for carrying on your arm as well or is it just meant to be a shoulder bag? If any of you have pics carrying it on your arm or opinions I would appreciate it.

    Do you consider this a classic or more trendy bag? Can it be dressed up or down successfully?


  2. I like it, but someone pointed out to me that it looks like an owl -____- but its still cute. hhaha I think it can be worn on the crook of an arm, and it can be dressed up or down. It dresses up a casual outfit and dresses down a formal one in a good way. hahaha
  3. I love this bag. I think you can dress it up or down. I carry it on my shoulder. i wouldn't use it as a "hand' bag.

    I don't have any pics of me wearing it but I'll take some...

    I have the brown signature.
  4. I just got this in brown signature and I absolutely positive love it. It's gorgeous, light, and I think it can easly be dressed up or down.. I am a sahm and usually (always) lol wear jeans and it looks great.. I wear it on my shoulder but have moved it for a minute or two to the crook of my arm or my hand and it is a non issue.. but I prefer shoulder bags. HTH! :tup:
  5. I had wanted Leigh in leather, but after seeing someone in Target yesterday with a brown signature legacy shoulder flap, I think I'm going to get this in brown signature!!
  6. I have this bag and absolutely LOVE it! I mostly wear it on my shoulder and sometimes on the crook of my arm or as a handbag. The only downside I've noticed is that it can hold a ton of stuff and because it can hold it...I generally fill it up and it can become a bit heavy...visualize a 5-pound bag of flour and then some. :p I highly recommend getting a medium Purseket for this bag.

    It's a very classy style, suitable for both dressy and casual.

    PS - I have the Khaki/Ebony Signature. (as pictured above)
  7. ^^ I was just going to say that Fields has this bag and posted AWESOME pics of her.....check them out!!!!!!
  8. okay, I took some more pics for you, including her in the crook of my arm... this was taken in my half bath so it looks maybe bigger because I am closer to the mirror :shrugs: lol hth! ps.. as you can see, she is not bulky at all, very comfy, but holds a ton!!!

  9. WOW! That is an awesome bag! :heart:
  10. I have the same bag as fieldsinspring, the choc sig Leigh and I must say it is probably my all-time favorite Coach bag ever! It is classic but still on trend, imo, and I'm a SAHM too and am pretty much always very casual. I think this bag will definitely stand the test of time and always look appropriate no matter what you are wearing. We went to Radio City to see the Christmas Show on Thursday and I wore the bag w/my beautiiful long burgandy Jones NY coat, legacy oblong scarf and fancy snowflake pin and it looked wonderful. Then today wore it to a church craft show w/black khaki pants and a black lightweight casual coat and it looked just as good!!
  11. you won't be sorry!!!! :love:
  12. thanks for the compliments, I love her!!!! I totally agree with donna.... it is a great versatile bag that is great with almost anything!!!! :tup:
  13. Wow, that bag looks really good in chocolate, thx for the modeling pics. I think the bag is more on the trendy side...I'm visualizing a lady in a business suit carrying that bag, but I'm sure you could work that bag with anything you wear.
  14. fieldsinspring - thank you SO much for taking the time to take and post pictures. That was above and beyond nice. You look great with that bag and it really helps me see the versatility.

    So I have now officially returned my Bleeker Shopper and the Leigh should be here the middle of next week. I think I will be much happier. Oh if only I was near an actual Coach store...