Let's talk about this barenia leather.....

  1. So can anyone who has it share how it wears?? Does it stain or is this the one that really can be rubbed out?? How do the handles color? This might be a nice idea for a SO of something....:smile:
  2. Ooh great thread shoes! I would love to know too!!!
  3. The stains will blend in with the patina that develops over time. The leather will darken from use and contact. The handles can turn dark, almost black, from constant use. I usually rub the item daily to help blend the scratches and stains. The water has evaporated when it came in contact with the leather, the stains on the item came from a hot dog that dropped on it.
  4. Any pics HG?
  5. Just got mine back from the spa.......31cm Barenia Trim II. I will say that Barenia is NOT for the feinthearted (did I botch that spelling????)! Mine came to me already 6 years old and whoever had it before me was NOT the most careful person on the planet. It has developed its patina that's for SURE!!!! I'll take pics later.....

    I must say though that I'm very happy with mine. However, it's use is for a grab-n-go, very casual, run errands, week-end sort of bag that I don't have to think twice about. Since it's already marked/patinaed, I don't have to worry about "ruining" it....KWIM?

    Also, SPA visits don't seem to do too much by way of "cleaning" the leather. They did give it a nice drink though.......
  6. Good info shopmom - thanks!! Gessh it's always about the 'drink' with you though!!!
  7. LOL!!! Guess her bag came back loaded..............and full of gin-soaked olives.
  8. They probably gave her a martini at the store and thought she wouldn't notice lol..
  9. LOL!!!!!! omg......................:upsidedown:
  10. I adore mine...however, I think you really need to love the scratches etc that are part and parcel of owning Barenia.

    I buff mine regularly, I want it to look like I've owned it 20 years already!
  11. I was offered a little barenia zipper wallet last trip to boutique. I just couldn't bring myself to buy it. I had visions of it rattling around in my bag and getting really, really scratched up by keys etc. I have a few regrets at the moment. I think that barenia trim on a handbag, like my avatar Kelly, does much better because things are not up against it. I do use Meltonian cream on the barenia and it works like a dream
  12. OK, so that when one states that the barenia/toile trim is the "bomb" your're really not kidding! Does she smoke? Lighters? BOOOOOM:nuts:
  13. shopmom is so easy to pick on!!!
  14. me too -- with a goat's hair brush or piece of fleece from the tack shop. so tactile, and i love how it warms up when you're working on it.

    too bag the bugger's too small and i'll probably be selling it. :sad:
  15. ^^^^Whoa! What size?

    And are you still thinking about a 25cm?