Let's Talk About the Venezia

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  1. I just read that the strap drop is 8". Is that true? Does it fit comfortably on the shoulder? Is it huge? K ladies, gimme some answers!!
  2. I think it is pretty big. Looking at Miss November's pic, it's almost as large as the Alston. I was hoping Off 5th had a 30% off coupon because I've really been thinking about trying to find one. We need modeling pics of the Venezia! Maybe one of the LAMBies that have one can help us out. :flowers:
  3. strap drop or no strap drop, it can't be very easy to get into (while on your shoulder) with that frame closure... but I could be wrong! MissN whatcha think/
  4. It's soooo totally easy to get into. I had worried that it would be too annoying to get in and out of with that frame closure, but it opens wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide. I'll have to take a pic for you guys. It's so freakin' fabulous. Next to the Alston, it's my absolute favorite shape! :okay:

    It's not comfortable for me to carry on my shoulder though. :nogood: I strictly arm or hand carry. :tup:
  5. Okay, this shows how wide it opens up. It's deceptive!!! I still have tons of room for other crap too. hee hee

    And next to the Shadow Mandeville you can see how much bigger it is. It really is closer in size to the Alston. :okay:
  6. What other colors does the Venezia come in?
  7. wow I like it! it opens huuuge.
  8. the snap on it is very unique too. not like your typical frame bag snap-locks. this one pushes up...if you get what i mean..
  9. when i went to off today they had no more of these...i was a little pissed.
  10. sorry girl...i didn't know you wanted it...
    i called and did a charge send.
  11. brick,
    it's better for you to do a charge send from california store so you don't have to pay sales tax.. i know several that have them as of early this week..
  12. you got one too? YAAAAY!! :wlae::yahoo:
    we're bag triplets with MissN..
  13. I've seen them in frosted love, antachrite, the brown-navy blue color combo, the red-cream color combo, glazed love black, glazed love chartreuse (yellow-mustard)..
  14. MissN, where are youuuuu??

    HBL, when you get your venezia tomorrow, would you mind checking it out for me? i checked out mine just now and there's some uneven leather and sort of like discoloration on the leather (brownish here and there).. i'm just wondering, is it just me or all of the venezia chartreuse are like that..

  15. Indi - not a problem..
    Oh my, you are scaring me....:sad: